Friday, October 21, 2011

Rapture II

Yes, I'm still here. Time passes to quickly from one apocalypse to the next. Today's apocalypse is brought to you by the same person that brought you the May 21 Rapture. Enjoy it! It's not often that we get to celebrate the end of the world twice in one year. The next one isn't scheduled until the end of 2012, but then we can always hope that another date might pop up in the meantime.

It's been a busy time for us. We've been very active at the YMCA and I've really been enjoying the fitness dancing classes they offer at the Southwest location (Bollywood Fusion and Zumba). The boys started preschool in September - and are potty trained! We've continued our usual outings to parks, museums, zoos, and other fun spots around the Bay Area.

We've been so busy that we decided to cancel our annual Halloween party this year. I'm actually looking forward to not having it - I an focus more on all of the fun activities geared toward these cute little preschoolers (he he, I said moron). We may pick the torch back up another year, but for now we'll enjoy not having to clean up the disastrous mess the day after.

Oh, and did I mention that Beavis and Butthead are returning to MTV?

So, once again the world ended and life goes on.