Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Overwhelmed!

There is a reason for the title of my blog. Since beginning this I have felt like I was in over my head, just in general. Yet, I feel like I'm riding one giant wave that keeps going and going and going. Most of the time, everything just works out, no matter how out of my element I feel, I roll with it and try to keep up. I haven't been writing very much lately, for many reasons. I think mainly, I've been taking some time to establish a better focus on priorities to keep up with the boys' changing needs.

The boys are two and a half, now. They amaze me each and every day. Today they were playing so well together. They were reading to each other and asking each other to point to things in their book. They interact so wonderfully and give me such delight. I feel so blessed to have twins, to have these wonderful boys in my life. We have developed our own family culture, with our private jokes and idioms. We have a pleasant life.

The other day Ronan was riding his car around and he stopped and looked at me and said, "My life's good, Mommy." I asked him, "what was that, Ronan?" simply amazed at what I thought I heard him say. He answered, "My life's good!" Then he nodded and drove off. He is right. His life is good. That was one of those wonderful "awww" moments. Today the boys were shouting "ROUND AND ROUND!" and William ran to me and said, "Singing very good bus music!" then he ran back to Ronan and continued to sing about the doors going "OPEN AND SHUT!"

We are continuing potty training efforts. Ronan is pretty much there, at least by day. William is showing interest, but only pretends to go to the potty, which is odd since he's the one that used to impress us by using the potty regularly when he was just barely walking. The other day they both stripped naked, as they do so much these days, and were pretending to be "SUPER NAKED BOY TO THE RESCUE!" I was in the kitchen when Ronan ran to me and asked me to clean up William's poo, then William appeared and said, "Wipe my bum, Roro." Ah, brotherhood.

Last week Ronan asked me to make him some heart-shaped cookies. He asked so many times throughout the day, that I baked him some in the early afternoon. When I presented him with his heart cookie his eyes lit up and he said, "My heart cookie!" He took the cookie with a big grin, then he stopped, handed it back to me and said, "I want a bunny rabbit cookie."

We have a pretty busy schedule these days. We take parent/tot classes at the Campbell Community Center twice a week, and will soon be taking a parent/toddler soccer class. I recently joined the YMCA and am enjoying the opportunity to work out while the boys are being well cared for in the Kid's Corner. They love it there and I'm delighted with our experience so far. We will start swimming lessons next week.

We also try to make it to Happy Hollow, the Children's Discovery Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences regularly, as well as Vasona Park and History Park. The boys love all of those places and ask to go there frequently. We have a membership to the Oakland Zoo, too, but are unable to utilize it as much as I'd like, due to the long drive. I hope to make it there more often now that we are heading out of the stormy season.

Dave recently gave us all a scare when his appendix ruptured, twice. We went to Lake Tahoe to see the snow, and that trip was an ordeal in itself (it sucked). He had abdominal pain while on that trip, but figured it was altitude sickness. On Monday, the day after we returned, he was very sick and vomiting. I remember calling him several times at work and asking him if I could come get him. On Tuesday he called the doctor and made an appointment for Wednesday. On Wednesday he had some blood work. On Thursday he had a CT Scan, by Thursday night they told him to go to the hospital for an appendectomy. His surgery began just before midnight and they were done just after 2am. The surgeon told me that his appendix had ruptured in two places, and that it likely ruptured on Monday when he was the most sick. Dave was incredibly lucky, because somehow the infection was self-contained at the site and didn't spread throughout his system. He still had to stay in the hospital for 4 days, and was released the following Monday. He went back to work on Tuesday. He missed all of 2 days for this. He's still not fully recovered, though it has been a month. He'll need some more time, understandably. We're all so grateful for his health.