Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's an ominous day today. I love dates with fun numbers, especially when they line up with fun times of the day like 1:11 and 11:11. We should have had a party. Maybe on 11/11/11 we can - for my brother Richard's birthday.

We practiced some potty training today. Ronan did a great job at it and William is gaining interest. I feel a little bad, however, giving Ronan a reward for making it to the potty and not William. I give Ronan a sticker for his good efforts and William comes and asks if he can have a sticker, too. I'm such a softy.

The boys are progressing more and more into the English language and are showing signs of abandoning their twin speak. I'll miss the twin speak. It's fun, even though the speech therapist recommended against encouraging it. Their pediatrician, however, said that twin speak counts, though she is also a mother of twins.

My favorite twin words are apa (water), agga (alligator or dinosaur), bah (hold me), and ahnoo (flashlight). Lately William has started referring to some Thomas episodes as "choo choo broken" and those are his favorites, though I don't know what that means. I keep putting on the wrong episodes and he complains that they aren't "choo choo broken." We'll figure it out at some point.

For Christmas Dave gave me a Kindle. I love it! It can hold all the books I like to keep handy for reference as well as the book(s) I'm currently reading and those I want to read. It's so fun! It is due to him and Ashley that I am not getting much sleep lately. Dave gave me the Kindle and Ashley recommended the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series. I'm hooked! Now I am inspired to finish some of the things I'm writing and get them published on Kindle. Even though I have that sense of trepidation from this time of year, I'm also filled with inspiration, hope, and excitement for the future. 2011 can be amazing. Let's work to make it so!

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