Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is here!

The boys' communication skills are improving every day. They are repeating our words often and incorporating them into their own vocabulary, sometimes surprising me with their memories. Sometimes a word I think is GIGO to them (garbage in - garbage out) pops up a few days or a week or two later, said in appropriate context. It's truly amazing!

They're also continuing to develop their own language. They'll master a word, say for instance "shoe" and say it well for some time and then all of a sudden "shoe" becomes "ish." There are many words like that where they make up their own together and that's what they use. The latest is the word for flashlight/torch. They call them "Ahno."

They are referring to each other by name now. Ronan is "Ro Ro" and William is "Eeeuuuh." Sometimes William is "Wah Woh Woo" (we call him "Woo Woo" a lot). When William wants Ronan he chases after him saying "Ro Ro." They're also very thoughtful of each other. When Dave took William out for an errand the other day leaving Ronan with me, William reached out to Ronan's car seat and kept repeating "Ro Ro?" They often get toys for each other, giving their brother the toy first before getting their own (same for drinks and food).

They also fight, boy do they fight! They mostly fight over toys, but occasionally over parents or positions. William has chosen Dave as his parent and Ronan has chosen me as his parent. If we switch there is sometimes a fight, where they push each other or Dave and me out of the way. Yesterday William wanted me nowhere near the couch he was sharing with Dave.

They're getting more and more obedient, especially William. Ronan is lashing out at times trying to get attention. He fakes falls a lot and when I say (in a silly exaggerated way) "Oh no! Ronan fell down!" he'll slam his hands and feet on the floor in a show of drama to illustrate that he fell. Ronan runs off a lot with his mischievous grin and giggle, or throws things with that same grin and giggle. Telling him not to do it just seems to make him try harder. I'm trying to figure out what I can do to give him the attention he seems to require but in a more positive form, rather than make him feel he needs to be naughty to get that attention.

They are obsessed with cars, especially fire trucks. They call fire trucks "dingdingdingding" after the library song "Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck." They fight over books about fire trucks and their fire truck toys. They also still LOVE toy phones (and real ones - but after the 911 incident we keep the real ones well protected).

With the warm weather we have set up some sand and water buckets for play and I occasionally give them the hose to play with. I've put an attachment on the hose so it only squirts when the attachment is squeezed and the boys know how to use it. They have so much fun with it!

We'll be starting to spend more time in the pool soon. We have some good life vests for them, given as gifts from some dear friends. I'm eager to use them.

We spend a lot of time at Happy Hollow, which is a zoo and mini amusement park for little ones. The boys especially love riding the cars and petting the goats. We also go to the Children's Discovery Museum regularly, which is a great place for them full of entertainment and "discovery." The Bob the Builder exhibit is on now.