Saturday, May 1, 2010

Long overdue

First of all, my apologies, again, for not keeping this blog updated. Time really gets away from me and is passing far too quickly.

The boys are doing very well! They were full walkers by 13-14 months. Though they took their first independent steps around 10-11 months, and were able to walk across a room by about 12 months, they relied on crawling, their faster means of travel, for quite some time.

They're incredibly happy toddlers and are very communicative. Ronan has a vocabulary of somewhere between 50 and 100 words and William is very quickly catching up with him. both of them love to repeat words we say several times until they make the word part of their own collection. Their favorite word is still "this," which was one of their very first few words. They have also been developing their own twin speak. My favorite W&R word is "luhluhluh?" which is spoken by running the tongue side to side on the upper lip and upper teeth. It means "please" and is most used when they want to play with light switches or buttons, but also used when they want an item. Just about a week ago, though, they learned how to say the actual word, "please" so they switch between that and their own version. They also sign please.

Signing has become a fun part of our communication. We started signing at around 6 to 8 months. Both boys can regularly sign about 20 or so words, but are also learning more at a rapid rate. It's tough for me to keep up with teaching them new signs since signing is somewhat new to me. I've always wanted to learn, especially because my cousin Jessica is deaf and I have always felt that I have been remiss in my sign education. I love my cousin dearly and have always wished I could communicate better with her.

We love dressing the boys up nice. Button-down shirts, corduroys, polo shirts, and nice overall sets are among our favorites. I love the overall outfits because they fit the boys longest.

At their 18-month well baby checkup, which was really closer to 19 months, Ronan weighed 26.5 pounds and was 34.5" tall. William weighed 25.5 pounds and was 33" tall.

We graduated them to big-boy beds a few weeks ago. It went really well! William always had trouble sleeping through the night until morning. I had an instinctive thought that he perhaps just didn't like sleeping in a crib and never did. So, in my desperation from my own sleepless nights, one night when Dave was out of town I put William to bed in the couch bed that we kept in his room. I woke up at 7am wondering what was wrong with William. Nothing wrong, just a very well-slept happy boy! Ever since that night he's slept on a bed and not in his crib. Ever since then I've been able to get a full night of sleep most nights. That went really well for a few weeks but then Ronan decided he wanted to sleep in a bed, too. So, we bought them twin beds and they love them. Ronan used a great word in context for the first time when he sat with me on his bed. He put his hands on the frame and said, "mine!"

I'm so proud of these little guys, so extremely proud. They've made me incredibly happy and I feel extremely blessed. My neighbor said some very kind things to me today. He said, "There is something special about those boys. I could tell when I first saw them. They're very bright and aware. They're going to blow you away."

They are.

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Leslie said...

So glad the boys are doing so well, and that you're getting some good sleep now!