Sunday, May 2, 2010


Jusst a quick post about the boys little twin speak they have going on lately. It started sometime around November. I don't understand a great deal of it and a lot of it seems to be gibberish, but there are some words I have recognized time and again. I've been slowly learning their language. Signing has helped because if they know the sign, they say their words when performing the sign.

As I mentioned in my last post, the best one is the way they say "please." It's hilarious, really. They move their tongue side to side along their upper teeth sounding like "luhluhluh?" They use it most when wanting to push a button, turn a light on or off, or open a door or cupboard. They sometimes chase each other around the house saying it when they want a specific toy. They rub their chests when saying it, using the sign for "please." William is getting really good at using the actual word, "please."

Guy-de-guy is another good one. I just learned that it means "kitty cat." They can both say "kitty cat," too, and "kitty cat" was one of their first words for both of them. It took me a couple of months to figure it out but one day Ronan was pointing to Tempest out the window and saying "guy-de-guy!"

"Diggadigga" and "digga this" is probably "look at this." I'm unsure, that that seems to be it based on the context.

"Gittacar" is Ronan's way of saying "guitar." He uses the sign and just loves guitars.

"Bah" evolved from "bup" which evolved from "up up." They can both say "up" but prefer to say "bah" when they want to be picked up.

"Da Dah" with emphasis on the "dah" means "all done" and they say this while signing "all done." They use it most when finished with a meal but will also use it when they are tired of playing at something, like when they are done playing in the ball pit.

"Ass" is not a bad word in this house, at least not anymore. They say it to say "glasses," "that," "hands," wristwatch," and "socks."

"Eeh-eeh" like a squeaking creaking bed is how they refer to their squeaker shoes. The squeaker shoes make great squeaking noises with every step. They like to wear them to run around for short times like they are toys, but they bore of them quickly and take them off, bring them to me, and ask for their shoes.

"Baboo" is the name of their favorite soothing objects. Ronan has his favorite bunny and his fuzzy bunny. William has his blue silky blanket. This started suddenly a little over a month ago. What I love about it is that "baboo" was the word my nice Haley used to refer to her favorite things. Since I never introduced the boys to that word, I like to think that Haley may have taught it to them, that maybe it's her way of letting us know she's around, loves us, and is doing great where she is.

"Ssssss" is their way of letting me know that they are doing their business or about to do their business, the kind of business that requires an immediate potty break or a diaper change.

That's all I can think of for now.

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