Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby food

I've started making them their baby food and have really enjoyed it. It can be time-consuming, though, and it comes with the cost of other things not getting done. I'm trying to get a handle on everything, but we're so behind in housework and other tasks. We're catching up, though, very slowly.

I'm delighted about Oakmont Market opening within walking distance. I've gone there a few times to buy produce for the baby food. I recently bought some cherimoyas. Until the market opened I'd never heard of this fruit, but I saw it there and thought it was somewhat unattractive and had no idea what it was. On Friday, The Doctors aired an episode with advice for new mothers. I'd only seen one other episode of this program, one on the swine flu, and thought it was interesting so I set it to record this particular episode on the Tivo. While I scanned fast through most of it, I was particularly interested in a spot with a woman who has a website for making baby food. She was demonstrating how to make a delicious dish with cherimoyas!

Everything I read about cherimoyas said to wait until they were soft to the touch. The ones I purchased over the weekend were hard at the time. They were hard yesterday, too. I tested them this evening and they were very soft so I knew they had to be used right away. I cut one in half and it sliced like butter. Dave and I tasted it and it was lovely. It was a little like a soft pineapple. I scooped out the seeds and made a puree. It was gorgeous and creamy! After putting that into an ice cube tray for preserving, I made the recipe with adding a peach. Oh, that was superb! I have very lucky babies!!

I also have some avocados to serve to the boys for their dinner tomorrow night. I love giving them avocados. The avocados are so good for them!

Normally, I don't really care for cooking and there isn't much food that really excites me. Making the baby food, though, has given me an incentive and an interest in food preparation and even tasting new things. I'm excited to introduce the boys to a variety of great foods.

I've only just figured out how to try to make time for pureeing the baby food, choosing the right fruits and vegetables, and making dishes the boys will like, but it seems William is moving on to bigger and better things. Ever since he was about 5 months old he's wanted to eat whatever we eat. We've indulged him here and there, offering little pieces of some finger foods.

Now that he has a pretty good pincer grasp I've been giving him some puffed wheat with every meal. He loves being in better control of his own eating. However, that meant that Ronan watched him and then wanted to do the same. Ronan still has some difficulty with more solid foods and hasn't made it very far into food textures beyond puree. Still, he wanted to try. To his credit, within a week he's making great progress with the puffed wheat.

William, however, seems to be getting bored with pureed food and wants to move more and more to finger foods. I offered them some cantaloupe pieces with their breakfast this morning and that's all William would eat. He wouldn't eat the banana mush I made for them. So, that will be the next thing I work on, making them some wholesome and safe finger foods, or perhaps more finger foods for William and continue the puree for Ronan while still offering the finger foods to Ronan so that he can have the practice.

Mealtimes are definitely getting more interesting, and actually a little less messy... for now.


I took them in the pool again today. This was their 2nd time in the big pool. We took them in just over a week ago for the first time. We took a video, but I don't think Dave wants it shown here. I put it on Facebook, though, if you have an account there.

William shows pretty much no fear of the water and he's already figured out how to paddle with his feet to move around while in the floaty ring. I took him out of the ring and he made it clear through his paddling and reaching he was going for the side. I took him to the side and he reached out and held on, then tried to climb up. Later, I dunked him under the water for a brief split second a few times and he actually liked that, too, though I think it confused him a little. He giggles wildly when I blow bubbles in the water. He's such a little water baby!

Ronan likes the pool but seems like he doesn't quite know what to think of it just yet. He smiles and explores, but doesn't get all excited the way William does. When I take him out of the floaty ring he clings to me and shows a healthy and natural fear of the water, unlike William. I dunked him for a split second, too, but he wasn't so happy about it. He didn't cry, but he grabbed tighter onto me and I just didn't have the heart to proceed further in any water explorations or experiments.

Both boys seemed intent on trying to drink the water.

Monday, May 25, 2009

8 months old!

It's nearly summer and we're really enjoying the sunshine! We've been out and about a lot, at least when everyone is well. The boys seem to be in one of those cycles where they are well for about a week and then get colds for about 2 weeks. They came down with a cold a few days ago so we're back in the snot season.

We put them in the pool for the first time last weekend. They loved it! William giggled almost incessantly from the moment we put him in until we took him out. We have all the gear: cloth swim diapers, sunscreened swim shirts, swim shorts, sun-shading hats, sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen, and floaties. We also got them a little blow-up pool for some mild splashing, though they haven't used that, yet. I got one big enough for me to get into it with them. We're very cautious with these little guys when it comes to water.

Within minutes of putting William in his floaty he was paddling his legs and figuring out how to be mobile in the pool. I think we may have some natural swimmers!

The milestones are being reached nearly daily and the boys are filling our lives with joy and laughter, though they keep us so busy!

Smile3 weeks5 weeks
Laugh*2 months3 months
Giggle*4 months3 months
Squeal2 months3 months
Roll front to back7 weeks5 months
Roll back to front11 weeks5 months
Grab spoon to feed self4.5 months5 months
Drink from sippy cup unassisted6.5 months6 months
Scooting8 weeks6 months
Lunges5.5 months7 months
Crawling6-7 monthsTBD
Pull to stand with our hands3 months4 months
Pull to stand on own7 months8 months
Jabbering with consonants6 months5 months
First wordsTBD7.5 months (Yum!)
Reach to be picked upTBD6 months
WaveTBD6 months
Sit without support7 months7 months
Stands holding onto something3 months6 months
Put self into sitting position7 months8 months
Stands unsupported for a couple secondsTBD8 months
Pincer grasp8 months8 months
Gesture to indicate what he wants7 months6 months
Eats with fingers7 months8 months

*William laughed without giggling first and still does it most of the time. It's a strange gasping/squealing laugh and sometimes he laughs in a sort of silent way. Ronan's first laugh was more of a squeal. Giggling is a serious laugh from them when it's beyond the squeal.

They're each about 18-19 pounds and will probably outgrow their infant car seats in a couple of months. We're looking to buy some convertible seats for them. With them being mobile we really need to get more of the house baby-proofed. We've been more in the fire-fighting mode since they were born, taking care of things as the need arises. Now there is a need to give them access to more of the house.

William is our comedian. He has been making his own form of jokes since he was about 6 months old. He makes me laugh so much and he laughs along. The other day he was joking with Ronan, tickling him and doing silly things to make Ronan laugh. Ronan was giggling up a storm, then William was giggling at Ronan's giggling. It was the cutest thing to see. I tried to get a video of it, but the camera battery was dead. William used to be quite ahead of Ronan on many physical milestones but Ronan is quickly catching up. Ronan sees William doing something then he works really hard at it so he can do it, too. William loves seeing people, animals, and things. He laughs so much and has turned into a very cuddly little guy. He often reaches out to hold Ronan's hand and he sometimes looks at people with such love in his eyes as his voice gets soft and he sighs in adoration. It's so heartwarming!

Ronan is our communicator. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that Ronan was, indeed, saying "yum!" with great gusto every time I presented him with food. It helps that I've been saying "yum" to him with food for months. On Wednesday morning he looked at me and said, "mama!" Since then he's said it several times. When I gave him his bottle on Friday he said, "baba!" and proceeded to say that several times since during feedings. Yesterday morning when Dave came into the room we both distinctly heard Ronan say, "Daddeeee!" Just like with the other words, he spent the rest of the day saying, "Daddy." While most of the time he just says "mamamamama," "bababababa," "gagagaga," and "dadadada," it seems that "yum," "mama," and "daddy" are his first real words as he seems to be saying them with real intent and purpose. Ronan loves music and seems to be starting an ability to keep rhythm. I caught him pounding his feet on the ground to the beat of some music the other day. Ronan's favorite activity is jumping. He jumps in the exersaucer and the doorway jumper and bounces in his stroller or on our laps. He bounces when he's happy. Sometimes he falls asleep in the doorway jumper and when I go to take him out he starts jumping again as if he never missed a beat! Ronan's favorite toy is a little bunny from Ikea. William's favorite toy is Ronan.