Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Headless chickens

We've been so busy this month I've not have many opportunities to post. So much has happened and we've been running around like headless chickens just trying to keep up. I feel like we're mainly fighting fires rather than preventing them. Also, the T key has fallen off my keyboard and it's tough to type with just the little piece of rubber that lived under the T key, which also keeps getting displaced. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've probably never taken apart a keyboard so don't worry about it. Obviously, I have a way to type a T, but it isn't easy for my usual quick touch-typing ways.

So, let me get on with it. First of all, the DOL accepted the new job and allowed me to do it provided that they keep a check on me for at least 60 working days to make sure I'm not a lazy louse. Yay! 2 weeks down and 10 to go. I hope that they sign me off quickly after the 60 days. I just don't like being under such scrutiny. Magnifying glasses have a way of heating up the subject under observation, sometimes to a point of fiery destruction. I still can't get too detailed about the position, but I will let you know that it is flexible and perfect for my current situation.

I had a 3rd "2nd opinion" doctor appointment required by the DOL. I have no idea how it went but at one point the doctor asked me if any doctor has mentioned RSD to me. Um, yes! He was actually at least the 9th doctor I've seen since being injured. The documentation the DOL sent to him on my case was terribly erroneous. He asked me about my hernia surgery and kidney failure. I've not suffered from either in my lifetime. Interesting. Dave was nice enough to go with me to this appointment. We're still waiting for the doctor's report from that appointment.

Dave returned from his father's funeral on the 4th of February and brought Claire and Sara with him (they are my sister-in-law and niece). It was great having them here. Amazingly enough, even with all their help, I was busier than ever! It had a lot to do with many factors, though. Claire watched the boys as much as she could, which allowed me to work and also run some errands without babies. That's one thing that is especially tough with twins. It's very difficult to go anywhere quickly. I can't go to gas stations unless I pay at the pump because otherwise I'd have to take both boys out of their car seats, unfold the stroller, take them inside, pay, then back to the car, back into car seats, fold the stroller... you get the idea. Picking up dry-cleaning would be the same affair. Ronan hates being in the car seat, too, so the advice "just drive them around until they fall asleep" doesn't work so well with us. Any time he's in that seat he usually cries. The car movement helps, but he screams as soon as I stop at any stop sign or red light. I guess that's one benefit of us not buying a Snap-n-go (our car seats wouldn't fit it, anyway), because Ronan wouldn't like riding around in that seat any longer than necessary.

Claire is so good with the boys! They sure love her. It's a shame they all had to go back. Sara needed to get back to school, though. They all left early on Wednesday and I'm back on my own tending to the babies. My mom came up Saturday to help and with her here we managed to get a lot of housework done. There is still a lot more that needs doing, just no time to do it. I'm able to write now because the babies are napping, but probably not for much longer.

The boys are now 5 months old and growing growing growing! They're starting to fit in the 6-9 month sizes, but it looks like they won't fit in them for very long, especially Ronan, our little "Buddha baby." Ronan's healthy appetite and zen-like attitude has earned him the nickname. William is still "wiggles" and for good reason!

They've started eating big-boy food! We started them on rice cereal for about a week and then introduced stage-1 baby food. They've now enjoyed pears, apples, and bananas. They also really like frozen bananas in net-feeders. They both really love solids and get impatient waiting for the next spoonful! William, eager to grow up, has started snatching the spoons from me and attempting to feed himself. He just won't let me feed him! I cycle through a few spoons at a time, letting him grab the spoon once I get a glob in his mouth and let him gum it while I fill another spoonfull. I try to feed them both at the same time, but Ronan gets impatient every time I give his brother a bite. Ronan wants a constant supply of food for himself. They still get full bottles every 3-5 hours and still get breastfed for night feedings. And yes, I'm still pumping though my supply is really dwindling. I'm making a concerted effort to increase it by pumping more and taking brewers yeast.

Dr. R. is eager for me to stop breastfeeding. He really wants to get me to try some medications to control the RSD. I feel under a lot of pressure on this and don't look forward to telling him that we want to do a frozen-embryo-transfer at some point later this year. Yes, we are so happy with twins, but we have 2 frozen embryos and want to give it a go with them to see if our boys will have siblings. If it doesn't take, we will be happy and grateful with our family just the way it is. I do find it funny, though, how many people tell me I'm done having children every time I go out. Complete strangers stop me in the shops and say, "how nice that you got it all done in one go and are done having children!" Strange! They also find it very important to compare me to the woman with octuplets saying things like, "aren't you glad you didn't get 6 more with them?"

William is nearly crawling. He's got the motions down if someone holds his belly up and the other day I saw him lifting himself up by his legs but he just lacked the arm strength. Yesterday he figured out how to lift himself high enough by his arms, but couldn't get the legs coordinated. He'll figure it out soon, but it looks to me like he really is trying to stand rather than crawl.

William also wants big-boy cups! He tried and tried to drink out of my mom's drinks when she was here. Last night I gave him a tiny sip of water out of my glass since he was so keen and he drank it just fine and wanted more!! I bought a few beginner sippy cups and he reached eagerly for it, seeming to know exactly what it was and he grabbed it and put the sippy part right in his mouth and started sucking! This kid blows my mind. He dropped it and screamed bloody murder until he got it back. That's also a new thing, he's taken to throwing tantrums. He has a favorite toy and if he drops it, he'll scream and yell until he's got no breath left, then take in a deep breath and scream and yell again until he gets his way. Needless to say, William is a very demanding baby.

Ronan, however, ever the "zen-baby" is quite content to grow at his own pace. He also took the sippy cup happily and sort of figured out how to use it, but didn't care so much when he dropped it. He seems happy to move from one thing to another and go with the flow so much of the time, just don't mess with his food. Ronan rolled from back to front for the first time on Friday, or so I think. He did it twice! He still hadn't mastered tummy time, and gets really fussy whenever we try, so this was a surprise to me. Then yesterday I caught him rolling to his stomach and then back again! I think he may be keeping his talents a secret.

I'm getting better at distinguishing their cries from hunger, tiredness, needing affection, and tantrums. As such, naps have been easier to establish. Ronan falls asleep quickly if I just rub his face lightly or give him a light blanket or small stuffed animal to rub on his face himself. William needs to be removed from stimulation and the swing works wonders for him.

I can't believe the boys gave me so much time to post here! Thank them for it. Thank you for reading!!