Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I took them in the pool again today. This was their 2nd time in the big pool. We took them in just over a week ago for the first time. We took a video, but I don't think Dave wants it shown here. I put it on Facebook, though, if you have an account there.

William shows pretty much no fear of the water and he's already figured out how to paddle with his feet to move around while in the floaty ring. I took him out of the ring and he made it clear through his paddling and reaching he was going for the side. I took him to the side and he reached out and held on, then tried to climb up. Later, I dunked him under the water for a brief split second a few times and he actually liked that, too, though I think it confused him a little. He giggles wildly when I blow bubbles in the water. He's such a little water baby!

Ronan likes the pool but seems like he doesn't quite know what to think of it just yet. He smiles and explores, but doesn't get all excited the way William does. When I take him out of the floaty ring he clings to me and shows a healthy and natural fear of the water, unlike William. I dunked him for a split second, too, but he wasn't so happy about it. He didn't cry, but he grabbed tighter onto me and I just didn't have the heart to proceed further in any water explorations or experiments.

Both boys seemed intent on trying to drink the water.

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