Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cough cough OINK!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts. We've been ill. Actually, we were all recovered before the whole swine flu scare. It all started with Ronan developing a high fever just before Easter. He suffered from that illness for about a week, the poor guy. Just as he recovered, William's temperature shot up. At the same time, so did mine.

It's really hard caring for sick twins while sick yourself. I was trying to avoid medication because I'm still breastfeeding and pumping. It got too difficult, though, and I was no good to the boys feeling the way I did. I ended up taking Theraflu. I would pump prior to taking the medication then wait 6-8 hours before pumping, then take it again after pumping. I guess it's a good thing my supply is down.

They aren't breastfeeding much, just early in the morning. The milk I pump goes into their bottles mixed with formula. I used to be loathe to do that, being concerned about wasting any, but when I started producing so little I started doing it and discovered something amazing. It takes away all the foam from the formula!!

Foam, you ask? We use the Kirkland formula. The boys love it. We tried many different brands in the beginning and fortunately, it turns out the boys like the less expensive Kirkland better than most anything else so that's what they get. Unfortunately, it tends to be the foamiest formula we've tried and it's annoying. It makes it tough to decipher how much they've had from the bottle when there is all that foam. Well, no problem anymore now that I discovered the foam antidote. I just add 1-3 ounces of breastmilk and bye-bye foam! It's great! It's reason enough to keep lactating, though the antibodies is the best reason of all.

Now we have the swine flu in our county and it leaves me wishing I could be supermom and provide 100% breastmilk for the boys. Well, they're 7 months old and I am doing what I can. We aren't panicking about it, just being cautious. We're going to continue to go about our usual plans. We'll go to the library on Friday morning, just as planned. There is an infant program there that is a lot of fun. I bet attendance will be down, though.

William now has 2 teeth! He popped the first one out not long after Ronan got sick. In fact, we thought he was coming down with the same thing because his temperature went up a little, but not nearly as high as Ronan's. He also was drooling a lot and a bit snotty so we were sure he was sick, but it only lasted a day and didn't get nearly as bad as we expected. Within a couple of days the tooth was very obvious. After that he did get ill and did get it pretty bad. It was tough to fight his 103 degree temperature during our mini heatwave when the temperatures creeped up to around 100 degrees.

He recovered after a few days but then the last few days he has been really cranky and needy. Night before last Dave said he thought William felt hot and sure enough, he had a low-grade fever. I saw his 2nd tooth the very next day.

Ronan should be popping a tooth soon, I think. He seems to be close.

This morning William figured out how to pull himself all the way up in his crib and stand in it! He also figured out how to use the crib as a teether. Now that he can pull himself up to standing there is no stopping him. He wants to do it at every opportunity. Ronan has been watching him all day and this afternoon he started trying to do it, but lacks the strength and skill. William's been working on this for several weeks. Ronan just started to try today so he has some work to do.

William has also been crawling, fully crawling for a couple of weeks now. For several weeks he did his own modified crawl where he would crawl a few steps, rock a bit, then lunge forward. He got around really well that way so I started to wonder if he'd ever fully crawl at all or just move straight to trying to walk. Now that he pulls himself to standing a lot he now wants to practice walking.

They get along really well, too, for the most part. William keeps trying to crawl over Ronan and they have even fallen asleep a few times one on top of the other - William always on top. Funny, because William was "bottom bunk" in the womb. He's actually started to obey me when I say, "William get off of your brother!" William is so busy and into everything, I find myself saying, "no William," "Stop it, William," "get off your brother, William" a lot!

William just loves his brother. He often reaches out to him to hold his hand while in the high chairs and in their stroller. Ronan obliges him. They smile at each other when they are together. They cry when I separate them.

It's so fun watching these little guys grow and discover new things!

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