Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spammers and Scammers

By owning my own domain, I once received over 700 spam e-mails per day until I had to make several adjustments to filter them out. Checking e-mail was a serious chore. It's getting bad again, where I get about 100 a day, most of them from the same company or trying to sell the same crap product over and over!

I've always wanted to make this list. This is a list of the deplorable and despicable lowlifes of the internet, the spammers and scammers. I will try to update this list with the intention of having it handy as a reminder of those companies I am boycotting for participating in such unethical practices. The list includes not only those companies that seek to profit from spamming through e-mail, but also those that call me on the phone or come to my door in an effort to push me into giving them some of my money.

This list doesn't contain companies I intentionally signed up for receiving e-mail offers or phone calls. It may contain charities, but only those I've researched and found to be more of a scam than a good service. I'm also considering including companies that frequently send me junk mail.

There is a great site for performing such research, I love keeping the caller on the line while I research the charity for which they are asking donations, and telling them exactly why I won't ever donate to their organization. For example, a lot of them spend over 80% of their funds on fundraising, paying that person to call you and trick you into parting with some of your cash and fooling you into thinking you're doing a good deed. They use all sorts of tricks. The Police Activities League tricked my friend into donating by telling her that her husband routinely donates $100 and asking if she would donate the money on her husband's behalf since he wasn't home at the time. She found out when her husband got home that he never donated to he organization and they lied to her.

Besides, Dave and I have made a decision to NEVER donate immediately to anyone who calls on the phone or comes to our door without researching the charity first. Donating to such charities without forethought means that the money we donate to them will not go to another, perhaps more deserving charity. Since we only have so much income we can afford to be charitable with, we would like it to go to organizations that will make the best use of the funds.

Of course, the list won't ever be complete, especially since I can only stand to go through so much crappy spam in a day, and I don't really have much time for this effort. At least I've finally started this list, though, which is an accomplishment.

Here is my ongoing blacklist:
  • Liquid Networks
  • Course Advisor
  • JBR Media Solutions
  • VistaPrint
  • DTV4PC
  • PAL (Police Activities League)
  • Wonder Hanger
  • AARP (yes, they have been spamming me, amazing!)
  • Free Credit Reports 360
  • Quality Health
  • Celebrity Whites
  • Gevalia
  • Ephedra Hoodia Fusion
  • Colon Medic / Colon 700
  • Tomato Giant
  • Raven Media
  • LiftSP
  • Dr. Steven Jepson MD
  • Snuggie Blanket

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