Thursday, March 19, 2009


The twins are magic. Every time I take them out complete strangers smile such genuine sweet smiles and say such nice things! I also get a lot of questions, most of them the same questions as everyone else asks. I thought I'd share them with you, along with my answers, some of the answers I just don't dare give in person partly due to my need to save time and partly due to an effort at being polite.

Q. Are they twins?
A. No, I adopted them, one from Russia, the other from China. Obviously I'm kidding. Yes, they are twins.

Q. Are they natural?
A. No, they are supernatural. Seriously, have you ever heard of a baby that wasn't natural? Okay, maybe you have. My babies are made of flesh and blood and grew in my womb. They were conceived through egg and sperm which were from Dave and me. So what if the egg and sperm met in a lab?! The embryos were touched by the hand of God and they were given life. If my boys weren't meant to be, I wouldn't be watching them right now.

Q. Do twins run in your family?
A. My grandfather was a twin. My aunt has 2 sets of twins. Several of my cousins have twins. My cousin just had a set in December. Dave's father is also a twin, though the twin gene is passed down maternally. Apparently that does increase the odds a bit when your odds are already increased by doing fertility treatments. But really, this is just a polite way of asking if the twinning happened spontaneously or if I upped the odds by doing fertility treatments.

Q. Are they identical?
A. This is a very valid question since to most people my boys look very similar. Once people get to know them the differences become very obvious. We didn't know if they were identical or fraternal until they were a day old and we learned they had different blood types. We had a difficult time telling them apart until we could see some distinct differences. For instance, Ronan's face is oval and William's is round. Ronan and William have slightly different shaped eyes. Ronan has a little dot that looks like a piercing at the top of each ear. William has a little red birth mark on the nape of his neck and another one inside his bottom lip. Ronan has a small birthmark on his belly. Ronan has now got much darker eyebrows. Ronan has always been bigger (that's why he's named Ronan and not William).

Q. Did you know you were having twins?
A. Yes and no. If you have followed my blog you know that it was a difficult beginning to the pregnancy. While they are both miracles, Ronan is the major miracle that the doctors didn't believe would happen. Right up until the 2nd trimester we were told that we would lose him. It wasn't until I was 20 weeks pregnant that Kaiser officially upgraded my status to a twin pregnancy in their computer system.

Q. How big were they when they were born?
A. William was 5lb 10.5oz and Ronan was 6lb .01oz. Both were 19 inches long.

Q. Did you have bed rest?
A. Not really. I was on some strict restrictions but fortunately no full bed rest was required.

Q. How early were they?
A. Only 2 and a half weeks from their 40-week due date and only 3 days before their twin due date.

Q. Which one is older?
A. William by 2 minutes.

Q. Was it c-section or natural?
A. While I really wanted to try to deliver naturally, it wasn't meant to be for 3 reasons: they were both breech, Ronan was larger and they advise c/s when the second twin or "twin-b" is the larger of the 2, and I had to deliver due to pregnancy induced hypertension so a c/s was safer for my health.

Q. Do you breastfeed?
A. As much as I can, which sadly is decreasing every day. I have tried and tried to give them as much breast milk as possible. William still breastfeeds several times a day but Ronan is only interested once or twice a day and only when he's sleepy and it's dark.

Q. Have you heard of that woman who had octuplets?
A. Yes, several times a day. I swear, what does that woman have to do with me?

Q. Did you know she had 6 other children?
A. Yes. I know an awful lot about Octomom from all of the people that think it's important to tell me about her.

Q. What would you have done if you had 6 more with your twins?
A. I wouldn't have.

Q. Did you know Octomom is on welfare and that our tax money is supporting her and her children and will pay her multi-million dollar medical bill?
A. I really don't care. I don't have a choice where my tax dollars go but if I did, I would much rather my money go to her and other families who need it than having it go outside the country to kill people. May the Lord bless Octomom because so many people in the world are sending her such negative and hateful feelings.

Q. Have you heard of Jon & Kate plus 8?
A. Yes, I've even seen the show. They are very organized and I've learned a lot from watching it, but I don't watch it now. The show is boring to me now, and frankly, I just don't have time for it.

Q. Are you really that rude?
A. No, those answers to the Octomom and J&K+8 questions are only in my thoughts. I actually smile, take a deep breath, and pretend that it was the first time I ever heard such questions.


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