Monday, March 23, 2009

6 months old today!

Where has the time gone? I have to say, though, that while it has been hard work, really hard work, I've really truly enjoyed it and am looking forward to dedicating the rest of my life to being the best mother I can. I'm so happy they've come into my life. I feel so blessed.

Dave was fantastic this weekend! I think I reached another exhaustion peak and I hate to admit that I was not very pleasant to be around Saturday morning. Dave took over care of the boys for the afternoon and early evening and let me nap and he didn't disturb me once to wake me. He let me wake when I was ready. When I did get up, he had things so well together and was giving the boys their dinner of baby food.

Bless his heart!

After we got the boys to bed and had some dinner, he finished fixing my laptop. I have a new keyboard and mouse and all the dust has been cleaned out. It runs like new again! Last night he made us a lovely steak dinner, something we haven't enjoyed at home in ages.

I really feel so blessed. My cup runneth over!

I also feel terrible. I'm way behind on thank-you notes for the generous gifts we've received for our boys. We still also haven't sent out any formal birth announcements, yet. That was partly due to not having any time but also because Dave and I can't agree on what to send. I'm sad about this, because I really want to put a formal birth announcement in their baby books, another task I haven't touched.

There are many regrets and I know they are petty, but I still have them. For instance, I never got hand prints from when they were born. I have no idea how tiny their hands were. I did get some foot prints; well, at least the hospital did that for me.

I never finished crocheting them blankets. I never finished crocheting the blanket I was making for my friend Sheri's baby, who is now 9 months old. I never finished crocheting them booties and now they're probably too big for booties. In fact, I haven't really made my boys anything. I've made things for so many other babies, but nothing for my own. My hands were swollen and sore in pregnancy, and I was so tired, that all of that went by the wayside when I actually had time to do it. Now there just isn't the time. My house is a tip. There isn't much time for cleaning.

We're getting better at finding the time, though, and the boys are getting better at growing up. They are playing together more and more, and they enjoy each others' company. It's adorable when they hold hands, which is another thing I haven't managed to photograph. We can't seem to remove them from each others' company without getting cries. They are also starting to make it difficult to comfort one without comforting the other.

As you may have seen in an earlier post, William is almost crawling! Ronan has been rolling for a few weeks but he wants so badly to be as mobile as William so he exhausts himself on his tummy then cries to get me or Dave to go roll him back over. All weekend Dave and I would say, "it's your turn to flip the Roni."

Last week I finally found the time and courage to go see a dentist. I have a great fear of dentistry but I also have a bad crown that was never right. It gets food stuck under it and causes me some pain and a great deal of irritation. I want it fixed but don't want to go through the process of getting it fixed. I shouldn't have delayed it so long. I fear I may need a root canal. So finally, last week I walked into the dentist's office that is at the mall near my house and made myself an appointment. They were so nice and the receptionist even offered to watch the boys for me while I had my cleaning! I went the next morning with the boys and had the appointment. It went really well and I really like this dentist. Unfortunately, I have a cavity in the tooth next to the one with the crown, a result of that food getting stuck under the crown. Fortunately, he can take care of it when I get the crown fixed.

My appointment to get the crown and cavity fixed is Friday morning. Ugh! I'm really not looking forward to this.

Back to the boys and their 1/2 birthday. I'm so excited they are 6 months old and they are doing so well! I'm a little sad that the time is passing so quickly and I see many opportunities flying away. There is no better application of "stop and smell the roses" than with the growth of a baby. Blink and you might miss something precious.

My aunt told me in those first weeks, "enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast." I remind myself of her words every time they are both screaming, every time they wake me in the middle of the night, every time they blow out a diaper, every time I get covered in baby puke, every time I get a smile, every giggle, every gurgle, every pinch, every squeeze, every cuddle...
You get the idea.
I sure love these little fellas!

(Photos taken at 4 1/2 months by Heather Hunt)


Daisy said...

I can hardly believe they are already 6 months. My how time flies. It feels like just yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy. Congratulations. You did it! You're a mom... and you're doing a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos - so cute.
glad you are taking care of your teeth, I am sure everything will go well, and your dental fear will be gone!!

Anonymous said...

thanks .... lots of love to the smiley little men
xx c x

tickintime said...

6 months huh? Boy does time fly by.

Love the pictures. Your boys are so um...handsome.

Congrats on their 1/2 year birthday!