Friday, January 16, 2009

Shit storm #2

I got notice yesterday that the DOL is sending me for another 2nd opinion medical examination. The doctor is supposed to remain unbiased and impartial. The appointment will be held in the same complex as the TSA headquarters, convenient especially since I shall be at work there on the day of the appointment. Hmmm.

I have no problems seeing as many doctors as they want to send me to. This will be the 3rd doctor referral from the USDOL and the 9th doctor I have seen (at the least) throughout the history of this injury, not to mention the umpteen physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and nurse case managers. All of these professionals have been in agreement, that I have a lot of soft-tissue damage, scarring, nerve damage, and RSD as a direct result of the injury. I don't think another doctor will necessarily disagree if he is, in fact, unbiased and impartial. I also have concerns about my privacy at this appointment.

Yes, they are trying to break me and I realize this is no different than any other workers' compensation case, regardless of the fact that this is the US Federal Government I'm dealing with. I recently learned that the DOL's claims examiners are actual insurance adjusters contracted by the US gov. The sad thing is, they handle all federal workers' compensation claims, including the military. With a war on our hands, it breaks my heart that a wounded soldier and his/her family would have to go through this same hell and same poor treatment. They deserve much MUCH better.

On top of all of this, Dave's dad is doing very poorly. Dave may have to go back to the UK again. I won't be able to go, first because the boys have no passports yet, and second because I'll be stuck serving that sentence for the TS of F'ing A.

Everything all at once, I'm simply breaking inside.

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