Monday, January 19, 2009

More to add to this fiasco

It's in writing that I was to report to work today. My claims examiner sent me a letter just a few days ago verifying that I would do so. All weekend Dave and I frantically prepared for today. I got the laundry caught up, we bought the boys what they need for "infant school." We needed all new bottles because the school doesn't allow glass bottles so we had to find some affordable BPA-free plastic bottles. I gathered everything they might need, washed it, and got it in their big diaper bag ready for tomorrow.

We can't get them in at least until tomorrow late morning. We need their doctor to fill out paperwork and get some copies of their immunization records. We can't get that done until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Dave had planned to take today off work unpaid to stay with the boys while I worked. With my small TSA salary, well, it's just ridiculous!

I'm pretty certain that this job was created for me and my claims examiner never intended for me to take it or work it. She wants to close my claim in the negative manner, making my future much more difficult. I'm pretty sure she wants to retaliate for my winning my appeal last year. It's like the difference between getting an honorable discharge from the army or a dishonorable discharge. My claims examiner is doing everything in her power to have my claim closed with a "dishonorable discharge" while I'm working hard to try to get that honorable discharge. I've begged for closure for years but they wouldn't do it. Why must they be so hard on me now?

Anyway, Dave and I bought food for me to pack lunches so we could save some money, since this whole thing is costing us dearly, financially and otherwise.

We worked so hard all week and through the weekend in preparation for today. We got up early so I would be able to get there not just on time but early. Dave was up most of the night reviewing documentation on my case and he was up before me, packing my lunch and putting my stuff together for today. He's such a sweetheart!!!

I breastfed the boys at 6am then pumped. I packed everything I needed for pumping today, and wondered if I'd have a place to pump or if that would be another battle. I drove there and arrived with 10 minutes to spare. I knew it was MLK Day but the airports don't close today so I knew that their would have to be support staff available. I was never notified that I should not come today.

The door was locked so I waited. About 5 minutes later Ms. K. came and helped me. She went in and talked to Mr. J., Ms. G.'s boss (one of many? I don't know the structure there) and he said Ms. G. told him that I wasn't expected until tomorrow. I still have it in writing that I was to start back to work on Monday, the 19th. As you may recall, the last day I went there to work and show my willingness to cooperate, I was told to be there at 7an but Ms. G. doesn't start work until 8am so I had to wait an hour for her.

And she reminded me last week that she expected me to be professional! I wonder what her definition of professional is.

Anyway, I'm glad today went so easily and it's enabling me too ease into this nightmare. I'm happy to have another day with my boys and Dave is glad to have been able to go to work since he had a lot he needed to get done.

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