Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Infant school

They have schools for infants with an infant curriculum. I knew this before and always kind of found it funny, but it looks like we may be sending our 4-month-old boys to school. I checked out 2 of them today. It's not easy finding a place that takes infants, let alone somewhere that has accommodations for 2 infants. I had an appointment at one place (childcare #1) to check it out this morning but they called an hour before the appointment to tell me that one of the spots just filled up and they could no longer take the twins on Monday.

I called another place (childcare #2) and they have room, but only just. I went this afternoon to check them out. It's a 20+ minute walk, so they'll probably have to be driven over in the mornings, whereas childcare #1 was just around the corner. It seemed nice enough, the infant classroom was large and had lots of nice toys and play areas. They use mini cribs much like ours and provide everything but diapers, wipes, and extra clothes. I passed childcare #1 on the way home and decided to pop in for a look around and it was very similar, just smaller.

Childcare #1:
1. Close to home (just a 5 minute walk)
2. Uses and teaches baby signs (ASL), Babywise scheduling
3. 1 teacher to 4 infants
4. Daily walks, weather permitting
5. Hours that work for us
6. Small, and a cramped room full of mini cribs
7. We provide diapers, wipes, 2 crib sheets, extra clothing, bottles
8. Not as many play areas as childcare #2
9. Provides a discount on the 2nd child. Still costs a little more than my salary with the TSA.
10. Not enough openings for my boys. We are on the wait list.
11. They will let us pull the boys out at any time, no notice required, no minimum.

Childcare #2:
1. Semi-close to home (20-30 minute walk)
2. Baby "on demand" scheduling, unless otherwise requested, no ASL
3. 1 teacher to 4 infants
4. Regular walks, not necessarily daily, weather permitting - only sitting stroller so babies a little too young, still
5. Hours that work for us.
6. Mini cribs in semi-separate place than big room, but also right there, not as cramped
7.They provide wipes and sheets, we provide diapers, bottles, and extra clothes
8. Many play areas in large classrooms - 2 infant classes based on infant skill level
9. No discount on 2nd child, also costs more than my salary at the TSA, a little more than childcare #1
10. Immediate openings, can accommodate both babies
11. Pay month to month, 2 week cancellation notice required

Due to accommodation of #2, that's what we'll probably do.

This just breaks my heart. I've shed so many tears over this.


jtguttman said...

I haven't been commenting lately b/c I know nothing about workers comp or labor laws, but I DO know about preschools. I have "taught" every age from newborn to 2nd grade. Honestly, the drive to the daycare with a larger room will be worth it. Having a larger area for the little ones to crawl and develop is safer and smarter. You may want to look into the next room they would move into also (in case you have to keep working). That could help you make your decision. Some schools move the kids to the next room when they learn to walk while others do it by age. Might be worth looking into! Good luck with all of your hard decisions. You're life is not easy right now, but things will work out in the end. (TS Mommymeg)

Lori said...

BIH HUGS Momma!!!