Saturday, January 10, 2009

The gov

Take my word for it, don't get a job for the Federal Government. If you work for Them, get out. If you get injured, take it to your private insurance; do not file a workers' compensation claim. If you do, they think they own you.

The people that work for the workers' compensation division of the Department of Labor are soulless creatures that are well trained in making their claimants suffer. They are experts when it comes to ruining lives and making people miserable.

Fuck them.

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Daisy said...

Can you work with a private laywer? I had a client who was injured and now has a lifetime of workers compensation benefits she has to fight for every step of the way. After years of dealing with them she realized the only way to get things done was to stop talking to them directly and always go through her lawyer. Granted a lawyer can get expensive, but it's cheaper than trying to do it on her own.