Monday, December 15, 2008

Remember the fruitcake?

Do you remember that fruitcake that made the rounds? I used to think that there was only one fruitcake in the world, but it was impossible for the one to make the rounds to so many homes, so I think that there may be a few fruitcakes in the world, really. Nobody eats them, or I don't think they are supposed to eat them. They just keep passing them around, regifting them. I'm not talking about the British fruitcake, like they have at weddings and holidays. We Americans have our own version and this fruitcake is like a hot potato, or like the "Old Maid" card.

Well, I saw this photo on the net:

Does that mean someone actually ate it? Well, we know one has been cut. Does this mean there is one less fruitcake in the world?

I haven't seen a fruitcake in years. My parents received it every year and did their duty by regifting it to pass it on. Who has it now, I wonder?

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babbsela said...

Unfortunately, there is never "one less" fruitcake in the world. For every one that is cut, two more enter the cycle from someone's misguided attempt at a traditional holiday gift.