Friday, September 19, 2008

They're not coming out

I've been crying and stressing over this so much since yesterday that I decided that they boys just aren't coming out. They can stay in my tummy. It's fun to have them there, anyway.

It's just gotten too complicated and scary now, the whole prospect of the delivery and when it might happen. I've spent too much emotion worrying about it that I'm done. I just will keep these guys inside. That's it. I'll stay pregnant.


Jocasta said...

Oh Lizzy, I'm so sorry - I hope you get your head around what's happening soon. There are different levels of emergency c-sections and I would presume that if you go into labour naturally it's going to take quite some time so I would just head to the hospital even if it's a false start.

Also from someone who has done it the doctor only walks in at the very last minute and whips the babies out. After that you won't care about anything apart from your precious boys.

You won't need luck but I'm wishing you some anyway!

karenf said...

Well, they are staying in you for a good reason, they want to be healthy for you and Dave!! Hang on, relief is eminent.