Friday, September 19, 2008

Shit storm

Just before I left for my NST I got a call from the HR person at the TSA, my employing agency. Basically, since going on workers' compensation, they've had 4 years to try to find me a suitable job within my restrictions. Well, she wanted me to come in to discuss a possible job.

I met with her at 1pm and she really put me on the spot. She explained that the job was for receptionist. Fine, as long as it's within my restrictions. The hours were good, full time but early from 7:30 to 4:30. Great. Starting Monday. What the heck?!?

She thought my due date was late October and figured I could put in a few weeks until my due date. Oh my gosh!! She had no clue about twin pregnancies. I explained a bit to her that my "twin due date" is actually a week from today and that being 37 weeks pregnant with twins, I really wasn't sure my OB would clear me to work. She wouldn't give me time to clear it with Dr. B. She wanted an answer right then and there (wolf!).

Basically, the way federal workers' compensation works, is that the agency has first dibs at trying to employ me. If I decline that offer, then that's pretty much it, workers' compensation owes me nothing more. If I decline, it also means that my workers' compensation benefits would likely suffer. Besides, the economy is crap. I need a job to go to after I'm ready to return to work after a sufficient maternity leave. I've been wanting a job and looking for a job for a long time. I just didn't think one would turn up right now. What timing!

So, I told her I would accept but that I needed to take maternity leave starting next week. I told her I'd work a day or two, maybe more depending on how I felt and what my doctor said, but she wouldn't accept that. She pretty much made me feel obligated to fill out that form saying "reject" and gave me pretty much no time to mull it over or consult "my people" (my husband, vocational counselor, doctor, and claims examiner).

I went home and felt really horrible and duped. Dave was also terribly upset. We were so worried that a big mistake had been made. Also, the job she offered me on paper was an airport checkpoint job not within my restrictions - not the receptionist job she offered me verbally. It was all fishy.

I talked to my people and after they talked to their people, I was advised to take the receptionist job, show up for 1 full day of work, then submit for maternity leave. The HR person talked to her people and found out that I could actually do that. I told her I would be there Monday and that's exactly what I am going to do. Dr. B. wrote me my note.

Now all I have to do is make it through Monday without having babies.

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karenf said...

what a pain in the butt. I'm so sorry you have to go through this awful stress right now!!
i don't know what to say, except keep your head up, there's bound to be a silver lining somewhere.