Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No news

I e-mailed Dr. B. yesterday afternoon about scheduling the c-section and I haven't heard back from her. That's unusual. She usually gets back to me within 24 hours. I'm going nuts wondering when it will be. My guess is that she may be waiting until Friday to see how the NST goes. If it doesn't go well, they would have me deliver that day, anyway, which puts me at Dr. B.'s shift that night - but scary short notice Batman! Not that you get much notice with labor, but I'm still freaked out over the whole surgery thing.

The last NST went very well, though. The nurse performing the test said that she rarely sees such good tests with twins. The ultrasound yesterday was also excellent so all indications are that things will be good on Friday, too. My next appointment with Dr. B. isn't until next Thursday and it was booked with words from her and the nurse, "if you make it that far." Still, knowing Dr. B., she'll probably want to see if we can do this in the 38th+ week, since that would be best for the babies.

Stephanie and I took advantage of her taking a day off and a nice spa offering free pedicures with the purchase of a 1-hour treatment. Dave didn't want me having a massage until I was past 35 weeks due to risks of preterm labor (massage can cause contractions and of course, I already was having too many of those through the whole pregnancy). I finally got my massage today and it was lovely! Stephanie had a facial and then we took a little break and went out to eat at a Thai restaurant. It was yummy! We returned to the spa with full tummies and had some really relaxing pedicures. It was a great day.

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Daisy said...

I can't believe it's already time! I'm so so soooooooo happy for you! I must admit I've been leery about getting too excited but I think I can now! I know you'll be a great mommy. I can't wait to see pics.