Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's never easy

Dr. B. got back to me and told me her schedule is completely booked and so far she'll be unable to do my c-section. The only chance I have for getting her is if I spontaneously go into labor on her shift at L&D. I've asked her for her schedule, hoping she'll give it to me along with some tips for stimulating labor without doing anything risky (I'm wary of herbs, ointments, etc.). I just want to know what days I'll be going for some long walks. The only shift I know of that she has, as I mentioned, is tomorrow night and that's a little too early. Anything after this weekend would be good.

She has me scheduled for the first appointment she could find with someone good. She's got me scheduled with a perinatologist on October 8th! While I'm glad it will be a perinatologist, I'm just afraid of that date. That will put me 2 days prior to 40 weeks. While it is possible I can make it that long without going into labor, it's not likely nor is it appealing. I'm soooo going to be hurting by then and it could be risky for the babies to go 2 weeks over twin-term.

So what it's really looking like is that I'll probably go into labor and get whatever random doctor is at L&D at the time, and possibly have an emergency-c. If I go into labor I also risk baby feet going into the birth canal, which can also make the procedure riskier.

On top of that, my mom had made herself available to help us based on the 38-week twin due date. She has to go back to work on October 8th.

Yikes! What a bummer. Looks like I need to continue taking it easy and I was so enjoying having restrictions lifted.

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