Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's all good

My appointment went very well today. My blood pressure is back down to 118/81 today. It's still a little high for me, but I'm very satisfied with it and so is Dr. B.

There are also signs that twin-a has turned head down. Woohoo! I'm feeling some hiccups down low, and also in my middle on the left. I'm pretty sure twin-b is the middle left. Also, my fundal height actually decreased. It was 40 last week and is 39 this week. Dr. B says that's a sign that the babies shifted. If twin-a is head down then we won't need a scheduled c-section and hopefully the babies can choose their own birthday.

I'll be 35 weeks along tomorrow! My goal is at least 36 weeks, but I'd like to go to 37 or 38. I have been optimistic and in ordering the diaper service, I didn't order the delivery to happen until September 26th. That will be 38 weeks.

It's getting tough to walk sometimes, though. I have some sort of nerve issue in my left leg. Sometimes it's fine and sometimes I can't even make it from one end of the house to the other. Dr. B said there isn't really anything we can do about it. I just have to try to sleep with even more pillows and perhaps not sleep so much on my left side. I already sleep with 6 regular pillows and a body pillow! It looks like I may have to try sleeping in a reclined position with a bunch of pillows behind my back. Tempest won't like that since he likes to sleep an hour or two each night on a pillow behind one of my many. I tried it last night but he protested and tried to dig at my pillow mound until he could reach "his" special pillow. He's so cute. :) I'd actually rather have kitty cuddles than be pain free - funny, huh?

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