Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Double breech!!

Today I'm 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant. This is quite an accomplishment for twins and everything is going well. The babies are measuring well. They are about 6 pounds each (twin-a is 5lb. 11oz., twin-b is 6lb. 5oz.) and the placenta is functioning well, they are moving well, and heart rates are looking good. They are both "practice" breathing, which is also an excellent sign.

They love my ribs! I have two baby heads nestled in my ribcage. No wonder I wake up every morning feeling pummeled. They are both kicking at my bladder, too. Nice. ;)

With double breech twins I won't be able to labor and attempt a "natural" kind of delivery. These babies will be coming c-section. Also, twin-b, who used to be our small one, caught up with twin-a's size by week 28, was a little bigger by week 32, is now in a percentile 30% larger than twin-a. Typically, when the presenting baby (twin-a) is more than 30%ile difference from twin-b then that also usually results in automatic c-section. It looks like I was destined for a c-section delivery, no matter what I wanted to try or experience. I thought I had my head wrapped around it, but I'm still disappointed.

I hear from so many c-section moms that it's okay, that it's a good way to go. I much prefer it this way to having twin-a come naturally and twin-b come through c-section. At least this way we know one way or the other and there will be no double-door entry for these boys.

Another shocker is that this means they could come as early as Friday. I'll be 37 weeks, full term, on Friday and that's when Dr. B. is next on duty at L&D. Since it's a scheduled c-section, I will have Dr. B. performing the honors so it will be scheduled on one of her L&D shifts. Our list of things to do prior to baby day is not complete so Dave and I would prefer the babies come a little later (plus, if they come Friday they'll be Virgos and it might be more fun having Libras - just kidding).

Friday is sooooo soon! However, every day we push it we risk me going into labor, which with the positions of the boys that could be risky because the feet could drop and make a c-section more difficult, or if labor progresses too fast, it would be an emergency-c with a general anesthesia. Plus, going into labor at random would mean that I wouldn't get Dr. B. The big benefit to requiring a c-section is that I'd get her. She may have a shift next week or the week after and I'll leave it up to her expertise on how far we'll gamble on this. While Friday is the earliest possibility, I suspect she'll schedule it for a later date, but it won't be long now.

Tonight is a full moon and a Tuesday. A double-whammy! A friend pointed out to me that most babies are born on Tuesdays and/or a full moon. I just need to make it through tonight. Baby steps.


karenf said...

wow, what a double whammy indeed!! So Friday it is huh? Oh my heart is racing for you! Let us know if you need anything!!

Mrslady1975 said...

Heya Lizzy, let me know if I can come by your house and help you with anything. I am free on thursday night. I am so excited for you and Dave.

Barb said...

Thank goodness they won't be coming in 2 ways. That can't be fun.

6 lbs.. WOW! My family's singleton babies are routinely 5-7 lbs!

Jocasta said...

Yay - can't wait to see pic's of the boys.

Re: delivery - I've done it both ways and the c-section was far easier recovery wise for me. Keep on top of your pain med's and try and get up and move as soon as you can.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are almost there!

Don't let the c-section get you down. This entire pregnancy has been a massive triumph and you are finally going to be a mother. How they come into the world doesn't matter, don't feel you are missing out on anything.

Can't wait to see pictures!


jtguttman said...

Hang in there Lizzy! It may be soon, but think how exciting it will be to see your little boys! My c-section was great and I wouldn't have had it any other way. One was breech and they still thought we may have TTTS, so I felt safest. It's the strangest feeling in the world, but I was able to hear the boys cry. I'll keep checking the blog for updates! Your TS sis, Megan

Anonymous said...

Wow Lizzy....Friday? I will check more often on the boards too. I am c-section mommy and I can tell you recovery is not bad at all...plus you get to have babies with perfectly round heads from the beginning ;)
I cannot wait to see pics, I know you cannot wait to meet the babies, huge congrats already!