Monday, September 22, 2008

Close, but no cigar

My blood pressure is still elevated. Fortunately, I'm showing no other signs of preeclampsia. Apparently I was supposed to go to L&D on Friday due to the bp but nobody told me. I did have to go in yesterday, though. I was told on Friday to start taking my bp at home daily and to call L&D if it stayed high. That's exactly what I did. I called yesterday and they said to come in. When I got there the doctor there asked why I didn't show up on Friday. Interesting.

Anyway, my bp won't go very far down. This morning it was 156/101. In all readings recently the systolic won't go below 140ish and the diastolic stays pretty much above 90.

After several hours in L&D and some lab work, they said that the lab work is still good and that the only issue so far is the blood pressure, but that it is a sign that the pregnancy is putting a strain on my body. I was there for about 7 hours. After they started talking about me going home I ate a granola bar out of my bag. Ten minutes later the doctor said that he would like to recommend a c-section that night. He said since I'm passed 37 weeks, and that since my bp wouldn't go down, there is a health risk involved and that I should probably plan to deliver soon. If it weren't for that granola bar I might have had the babies by now. He said they would have had to wait 8 hours after that granola bar since it wasn't a complete emergency. He said since we had to wait anyway, he sent me home with advice to call Dr. B. and discuss earlier delivery options (sooner than October 8th).

So, I showed up for work this morning. I had my note from Dr. B. and also from the L&D doctor and they had me fill out the paperwork for immediate maternity leave. After that they sent me home.

Dr. B. is off work today so unless there is an emergency, the babies aren't coming today. It's a day to day thing, though, now, and only a matter of a short time.

I'm glad it worked out this way. I wasn't too keen on the doctor last night. He was nice enough, but most of our discussions and his advice came third party from the resident or the nurses on duty. They would come in and tell me what he said, then they would go and tell him what I said, and back and forth like that. Also, when he came in to check me out, he didn't listen much to me or the nurse assisting. He checked my cervix, which is showing some effacement but no dilation. he said that he definitely felt twin-a was head down. I got really excited about that and said, "really?" He said, yes, definitely a head. Why?" I told him that just a few days ago twin-a was breech. He left the room without a word.

For about 15 minutes I was excited that twin-a turned the right direction and thought I may get out of that c-section after all. He returned, though, again without a word, dragging an ultrasound machine with him. I tried talking to him but he remained silent as he put super cold gel on my stomach and proceeded to perform an ultrasound. It all looked funky on the screen and he ummed and awed. I asked what he was looking at and he said, "it's called a breech. That must have been a really hard bum or hip I felt." Then he took the ultrasound machine and again, left without a word.

I'm really hoping Dr. B. can do the c-section!


karenr said...

wow, that's some story. Gotta love Kaiser. sheesh..Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers and my heart crossed for you. It's only a matter of minutes... And those itty bitty boys will be in your arms!

jtguttman said...

Oh my goodness! Glad everything went well with the job. Those boys will be here any day now! You've done a great job keeping them "cooking" so long!

AKA TS Mommymeg