Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are proud parents!

Yesterday was such chaos, but we have wonderful babies to show for it!! They're perfect.

I went for the NST and my bp was still high. My urine tested positive for proteins so they called it preeclampsia and sent me over th L&D right away. A lot of good that did. They were so full I had to wait over 2 hours in the waiting room for a room, then I waited another 3 hours in an observation room before things got started.

I had a couple of serious panic attacks prior to the surgery, but the surgery itself was pretty easy. It just felt like turbulence. ;)

William Arthur was born at 8:58pm weighing 5 pounds 1o.5 ounces, 19 inches. Ronan Bryn soon followed weighing 6 pounds 1 ounce and also 19 inches. So much for u/s weight guesstimates - but they were within a pound of the estimates. :)

They are perfect and doing very well.

I'm doing fine but still having some issues with blood pressure and some issues with bleeding - there may be a problem with the incision. Both problems will probably resolve in time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Close, but no cigar

My blood pressure is still elevated. Fortunately, I'm showing no other signs of preeclampsia. Apparently I was supposed to go to L&D on Friday due to the bp but nobody told me. I did have to go in yesterday, though. I was told on Friday to start taking my bp at home daily and to call L&D if it stayed high. That's exactly what I did. I called yesterday and they said to come in. When I got there the doctor there asked why I didn't show up on Friday. Interesting.

Anyway, my bp won't go very far down. This morning it was 156/101. In all readings recently the systolic won't go below 140ish and the diastolic stays pretty much above 90.

After several hours in L&D and some lab work, they said that the lab work is still good and that the only issue so far is the blood pressure, but that it is a sign that the pregnancy is putting a strain on my body. I was there for about 7 hours. After they started talking about me going home I ate a granola bar out of my bag. Ten minutes later the doctor said that he would like to recommend a c-section that night. He said since I'm passed 37 weeks, and that since my bp wouldn't go down, there is a health risk involved and that I should probably plan to deliver soon. If it weren't for that granola bar I might have had the babies by now. He said they would have had to wait 8 hours after that granola bar since it wasn't a complete emergency. He said since we had to wait anyway, he sent me home with advice to call Dr. B. and discuss earlier delivery options (sooner than October 8th).

So, I showed up for work this morning. I had my note from Dr. B. and also from the L&D doctor and they had me fill out the paperwork for immediate maternity leave. After that they sent me home.

Dr. B. is off work today so unless there is an emergency, the babies aren't coming today. It's a day to day thing, though, now, and only a matter of a short time.

I'm glad it worked out this way. I wasn't too keen on the doctor last night. He was nice enough, but most of our discussions and his advice came third party from the resident or the nurses on duty. They would come in and tell me what he said, then they would go and tell him what I said, and back and forth like that. Also, when he came in to check me out, he didn't listen much to me or the nurse assisting. He checked my cervix, which is showing some effacement but no dilation. he said that he definitely felt twin-a was head down. I got really excited about that and said, "really?" He said, yes, definitely a head. Why?" I told him that just a few days ago twin-a was breech. He left the room without a word.

For about 15 minutes I was excited that twin-a turned the right direction and thought I may get out of that c-section after all. He returned, though, again without a word, dragging an ultrasound machine with him. I tried talking to him but he remained silent as he put super cold gel on my stomach and proceeded to perform an ultrasound. It all looked funky on the screen and he ummed and awed. I asked what he was looking at and he said, "it's called a breech. That must have been a really hard bum or hip I felt." Then he took the ultrasound machine and again, left without a word.

I'm really hoping Dr. B. can do the c-section!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The NST appointment

Just a quick one to say that everything went very well with the NST. My blood pressure is up again, though, and now I am supposed to take it regularly to make sure it doesn't go up and stay up.

Dr. B. called and explained that if they schedule the c-section for anytime before 39 weeks they had to do an amniocentesis and she assumed I didn't want that. She's right. She said she'd do her best to find me something a few days sooner and with her. Here's hoping!

Shit storm

Just before I left for my NST I got a call from the HR person at the TSA, my employing agency. Basically, since going on workers' compensation, they've had 4 years to try to find me a suitable job within my restrictions. Well, she wanted me to come in to discuss a possible job.

I met with her at 1pm and she really put me on the spot. She explained that the job was for receptionist. Fine, as long as it's within my restrictions. The hours were good, full time but early from 7:30 to 4:30. Great. Starting Monday. What the heck?!?

She thought my due date was late October and figured I could put in a few weeks until my due date. Oh my gosh!! She had no clue about twin pregnancies. I explained a bit to her that my "twin due date" is actually a week from today and that being 37 weeks pregnant with twins, I really wasn't sure my OB would clear me to work. She wouldn't give me time to clear it with Dr. B. She wanted an answer right then and there (wolf!).

Basically, the way federal workers' compensation works, is that the agency has first dibs at trying to employ me. If I decline that offer, then that's pretty much it, workers' compensation owes me nothing more. If I decline, it also means that my workers' compensation benefits would likely suffer. Besides, the economy is crap. I need a job to go to after I'm ready to return to work after a sufficient maternity leave. I've been wanting a job and looking for a job for a long time. I just didn't think one would turn up right now. What timing!

So, I told her I would accept but that I needed to take maternity leave starting next week. I told her I'd work a day or two, maybe more depending on how I felt and what my doctor said, but she wouldn't accept that. She pretty much made me feel obligated to fill out that form saying "reject" and gave me pretty much no time to mull it over or consult "my people" (my husband, vocational counselor, doctor, and claims examiner).

I went home and felt really horrible and duped. Dave was also terribly upset. We were so worried that a big mistake had been made. Also, the job she offered me on paper was an airport checkpoint job not within my restrictions - not the receptionist job she offered me verbally. It was all fishy.

I talked to my people and after they talked to their people, I was advised to take the receptionist job, show up for 1 full day of work, then submit for maternity leave. The HR person talked to her people and found out that I could actually do that. I told her I would be there Monday and that's exactly what I am going to do. Dr. B. wrote me my note.

Now all I have to do is make it through Monday without having babies.

They're not coming out

I've been crying and stressing over this so much since yesterday that I decided that they boys just aren't coming out. They can stay in my tummy. It's fun to have them there, anyway.

It's just gotten too complicated and scary now, the whole prospect of the delivery and when it might happen. I've spent too much emotion worrying about it that I'm done. I just will keep these guys inside. That's it. I'll stay pregnant.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's never easy

Dr. B. got back to me and told me her schedule is completely booked and so far she'll be unable to do my c-section. The only chance I have for getting her is if I spontaneously go into labor on her shift at L&D. I've asked her for her schedule, hoping she'll give it to me along with some tips for stimulating labor without doing anything risky (I'm wary of herbs, ointments, etc.). I just want to know what days I'll be going for some long walks. The only shift I know of that she has, as I mentioned, is tomorrow night and that's a little too early. Anything after this weekend would be good.

She has me scheduled for the first appointment she could find with someone good. She's got me scheduled with a perinatologist on October 8th! While I'm glad it will be a perinatologist, I'm just afraid of that date. That will put me 2 days prior to 40 weeks. While it is possible I can make it that long without going into labor, it's not likely nor is it appealing. I'm soooo going to be hurting by then and it could be risky for the babies to go 2 weeks over twin-term.

So what it's really looking like is that I'll probably go into labor and get whatever random doctor is at L&D at the time, and possibly have an emergency-c. If I go into labor I also risk baby feet going into the birth canal, which can also make the procedure riskier.

On top of that, my mom had made herself available to help us based on the 38-week twin due date. She has to go back to work on October 8th.

Yikes! What a bummer. Looks like I need to continue taking it easy and I was so enjoying having restrictions lifted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No news

I e-mailed Dr. B. yesterday afternoon about scheduling the c-section and I haven't heard back from her. That's unusual. She usually gets back to me within 24 hours. I'm going nuts wondering when it will be. My guess is that she may be waiting until Friday to see how the NST goes. If it doesn't go well, they would have me deliver that day, anyway, which puts me at Dr. B.'s shift that night - but scary short notice Batman! Not that you get much notice with labor, but I'm still freaked out over the whole surgery thing.

The last NST went very well, though. The nurse performing the test said that she rarely sees such good tests with twins. The ultrasound yesterday was also excellent so all indications are that things will be good on Friday, too. My next appointment with Dr. B. isn't until next Thursday and it was booked with words from her and the nurse, "if you make it that far." Still, knowing Dr. B., she'll probably want to see if we can do this in the 38th+ week, since that would be best for the babies.

Stephanie and I took advantage of her taking a day off and a nice spa offering free pedicures with the purchase of a 1-hour treatment. Dave didn't want me having a massage until I was past 35 weeks due to risks of preterm labor (massage can cause contractions and of course, I already was having too many of those through the whole pregnancy). I finally got my massage today and it was lovely! Stephanie had a facial and then we took a little break and went out to eat at a Thai restaurant. It was yummy! We returned to the spa with full tummies and had some really relaxing pedicures. It was a great day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Double breech!!

Today I'm 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant. This is quite an accomplishment for twins and everything is going well. The babies are measuring well. They are about 6 pounds each (twin-a is 5lb. 11oz., twin-b is 6lb. 5oz.) and the placenta is functioning well, they are moving well, and heart rates are looking good. They are both "practice" breathing, which is also an excellent sign.

They love my ribs! I have two baby heads nestled in my ribcage. No wonder I wake up every morning feeling pummeled. They are both kicking at my bladder, too. Nice. ;)

With double breech twins I won't be able to labor and attempt a "natural" kind of delivery. These babies will be coming c-section. Also, twin-b, who used to be our small one, caught up with twin-a's size by week 28, was a little bigger by week 32, is now in a percentile 30% larger than twin-a. Typically, when the presenting baby (twin-a) is more than 30%ile difference from twin-b then that also usually results in automatic c-section. It looks like I was destined for a c-section delivery, no matter what I wanted to try or experience. I thought I had my head wrapped around it, but I'm still disappointed.

I hear from so many c-section moms that it's okay, that it's a good way to go. I much prefer it this way to having twin-a come naturally and twin-b come through c-section. At least this way we know one way or the other and there will be no double-door entry for these boys.

Another shocker is that this means they could come as early as Friday. I'll be 37 weeks, full term, on Friday and that's when Dr. B. is next on duty at L&D. Since it's a scheduled c-section, I will have Dr. B. performing the honors so it will be scheduled on one of her L&D shifts. Our list of things to do prior to baby day is not complete so Dave and I would prefer the babies come a little later (plus, if they come Friday they'll be Virgos and it might be more fun having Libras - just kidding).

Friday is sooooo soon! However, every day we push it we risk me going into labor, which with the positions of the boys that could be risky because the feet could drop and make a c-section more difficult, or if labor progresses too fast, it would be an emergency-c with a general anesthesia. Plus, going into labor at random would mean that I wouldn't get Dr. B. The big benefit to requiring a c-section is that I'd get her. She may have a shift next week or the week after and I'll leave it up to her expertise on how far we'll gamble on this. While Friday is the earliest possibility, I suspect she'll schedule it for a later date, but it won't be long now.

Tonight is a full moon and a Tuesday. A double-whammy! A friend pointed out to me that most babies are born on Tuesdays and/or a full moon. I just need to make it through tonight. Baby steps.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

35 weeks!

Yesterday was another major milestone. My nurse told me that after 35 weeks the babies have almost as good of a chance of requiring no NICU time as they do full term!

I'm starting to really feel it, though, especially in this heat. My leg has a pinched nerve that sometimes hurts so bad that I can't even walk through the house without crying. My hands get so swollen at night that I can't grip the blankets. I'm tired. Oh, so tired.

However, it's all worth it. I'd rather have these aches and pains then have these babies come too early and have to suffer with needles, devices, and procedures in the NICU. It's only for a few more weeks, anyway.

I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's all good

My appointment went very well today. My blood pressure is back down to 118/81 today. It's still a little high for me, but I'm very satisfied with it and so is Dr. B.

There are also signs that twin-a has turned head down. Woohoo! I'm feeling some hiccups down low, and also in my middle on the left. I'm pretty sure twin-b is the middle left. Also, my fundal height actually decreased. It was 40 last week and is 39 this week. Dr. B says that's a sign that the babies shifted. If twin-a is head down then we won't need a scheduled c-section and hopefully the babies can choose their own birthday.

I'll be 35 weeks along tomorrow! My goal is at least 36 weeks, but I'd like to go to 37 or 38. I have been optimistic and in ordering the diaper service, I didn't order the delivery to happen until September 26th. That will be 38 weeks.

It's getting tough to walk sometimes, though. I have some sort of nerve issue in my left leg. Sometimes it's fine and sometimes I can't even make it from one end of the house to the other. Dr. B said there isn't really anything we can do about it. I just have to try to sleep with even more pillows and perhaps not sleep so much on my left side. I already sleep with 6 regular pillows and a body pillow! It looks like I may have to try sleeping in a reclined position with a bunch of pillows behind my back. Tempest won't like that since he likes to sleep an hour or two each night on a pillow behind one of my many. I tried it last night but he protested and tried to dig at my pillow mound until he could reach "his" special pillow. He's so cute. :) I'd actually rather have kitty cuddles than be pain free - funny, huh?