Friday, August 29, 2008

Upgraded to weekly appointments!

It sounds good, but it's not really that good of news. It means my doctor is concerned about possible preeclampsia. If that's what it is, it's just mild so far and nothing to be too concerned about just yet. I'm just showing some minor beginning signs, but those signs are inconclusive at best. The biggest sign is that my blood pressure is a bit elevated. My blood pressure is usually quite low so even when it goes over 120/80, which is normal, that is high for me. Today it was 135/80 so it's borderline high, but of concern in pregnancy - and with twins it's a higher risk.

I've also recently developed the swelling that can be so common in pregnancy, but wasn't really common for me. I did so well to avoid the cankles and such. I still don't have cankles but my hands and feet are now like Mr. Stay Puft. My hands are the worst. It started just a few days ago. They get so swollen and sore while I sleep that by the middle of the night I'm unable to grip the blankets to pull them back over me. It takes a little while of stretching them and soaking them in warm water to be able to move my fingers again.

Otherwise, I'm doing very well. My doctor said that my body is accommodating the twins better than most women accommodate even single pregnancies. I'm only just really starting to feel pretty big, like I am carrying twins. My belly does measure full-term size for a single baby (40 cm fundal height) and in a week or so it will surpass that, he he. I'll be "puffickly huh-yooge!"

Still, I get around all right and don't feel too put out. I'm supposed to remain resting, though, the best that I can.

I go back to Dr. B. next Thursday to check the bp and swelling and she said she'll probably run some labs if my bp doesn't go down.


Barb said...

Woo hoo for doing well!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are still going well, despite the slightly elevated BP.
The swelling can be a pain! Try drinking hibiscus flower tea, it helps flush out extra liquid and is perfectly safe.