Friday, August 29, 2008

Upgraded to weekly appointments!

It sounds good, but it's not really that good of news. It means my doctor is concerned about possible preeclampsia. If that's what it is, it's just mild so far and nothing to be too concerned about just yet. I'm just showing some minor beginning signs, but those signs are inconclusive at best. The biggest sign is that my blood pressure is a bit elevated. My blood pressure is usually quite low so even when it goes over 120/80, which is normal, that is high for me. Today it was 135/80 so it's borderline high, but of concern in pregnancy - and with twins it's a higher risk.

I've also recently developed the swelling that can be so common in pregnancy, but wasn't really common for me. I did so well to avoid the cankles and such. I still don't have cankles but my hands and feet are now like Mr. Stay Puft. My hands are the worst. It started just a few days ago. They get so swollen and sore while I sleep that by the middle of the night I'm unable to grip the blankets to pull them back over me. It takes a little while of stretching them and soaking them in warm water to be able to move my fingers again.

Otherwise, I'm doing very well. My doctor said that my body is accommodating the twins better than most women accommodate even single pregnancies. I'm only just really starting to feel pretty big, like I am carrying twins. My belly does measure full-term size for a single baby (40 cm fundal height) and in a week or so it will surpass that, he he. I'll be "puffickly huh-yooge!"

Still, I get around all right and don't feel too put out. I'm supposed to remain resting, though, the best that I can.

I go back to Dr. B. next Thursday to check the bp and swelling and she said she'll probably run some labs if my bp doesn't go down.

Monday, August 25, 2008

At least one more week!

Dave and I have been super busy trying to get the nursery ready for the boys' arrival. Too busy, actually. I've not been feeling very well lately, mainly yucky in the tummy. I overdid it, again, on Saturday. We got a lot done, but by the time we were ready to go to bed I was having too many contractions. I did my counts and had 7 in 45 minuts and they were coming consistently at about 8 minutes apart. Nice.

So, I called the hotline and they told me to go to L&D. Joy of joys. I need to start doing my contraction counts earlier in the evening so I can avoid these middle of the night or all-nighter trips to L&D. We got there at about midnight and stayed a few hours. They checked for dilation a couple of times with some good results that I was not dilated at all. They did the fFN and told me that based on the results they can pretty much guarantee that I won't go into labor for the next week but after that, all bets are off.

The last time I had the fFN they gave me 2 whole weeks! Now they only give me 1 week? I was hoping for 3.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I had a baby shower!!!

For years and years I went to many baby showers in my family. They were fun and a wonderful way to get the women of the family together. I moved away from Utah before my friends there started having babies and showers. Showers with friends are quite different from the family showers and are also good fun.

At the family showers, the main topic of conversation was labor and delivery nightmare stories. I knew which cousin had the cord around his neck 3 times and which aunt experienced 72 hours of labor. Sometimes it was too much and scared me about ever having children. I once asked if we could go an hour without having those stories at a shower and one of my aunts replied, "when it's your shower, sure!" I always looked forward to my own shower.

My shower was Saturday, August 9th. Nearly 2 weeks ago (I've been a terrible blogger). It was wonderful! One of the games was the "verboten word game" where people are forbidden from saying certain words. The verboten words were "baby" and "labor," which essentially prohibited the guests from scaring me about having these babies (trust me, I'm scared enough of the way they may exit my body). I know they will have to leave my belly at some point, and that day is coming soon, I'm just not really thrilled about the method. I'm hoping for the good old-fashioned method over a c-section, but the biggest fear I have is that one will come the old-fashioned way and the other will come via c-section. Ouch!

Either way, though, I will be happy to have both babies come at the right time and be healthy. Oh, and I'd like to come out of it all pretty healthy, too.

The other games were creative, too, and we all were well entertained. Corinne was a wonderful hostess and I'm very grateful to her for it. She had some back pain through the day and I know that it wasn't always easy for her to put on the smile and take care of everyone as she did. She was a true hero that day

I also have to express my gratitude to Karen (KarenF on my comments) and my mom who provided a wonderful array of food for everyone.

Stephanie and Rachel also contributed in many ways - games, prizes, planning, and the best cake I've had in ages

So a big thank-you to Corinne, Rachel, Stephanie, Karen, and my mom. A big thanks also to everyone who attended and a huge thanks for all the wonderful generous gifts.

Plumbing disaster

Here is a confession. We've had a drain fly problem this summer. It was coupled with a nasty smell emanating from the bathroom attached to our office (the house's master bedroom but it works much better as an office - when it doesn't smell).

The bathroom seldom gets used, mainly because it was smelly. Dave never seemed to smell it, but to me it smelled musty, like the Pirates of the Carribean ride in Disneyland. I smelled it a few summers ago and it bothered me so much that I went in and proceeded to tear the whole bathroom apart. I made Dave install a new floor, new sink, and new toilet. Little did I know that the smell was coming from the shower drain.

Dave started smelling that mustiness over the last few weeks as the heat got bad. He was also annoyed by the drain flies we were seeing in the bathroom. Last Saturday he set about to clearing all the drains in an effort to get rid of the pests. It went really well in the main bathroom that we use daily. He got to the shower in the "spare" bathroom and while that seemed to be the source of the flies, it drained really well... too well.

He looked down the drain and thought he saw that it was broken. Later that evening, when the heat of the day wore off, he went under the house into the crawl space to check it out. While he was there he had me try out various taps, flush the toilets, and run the washing machine and dishwasher through to drain cycles (I forced them to the drain cycle so he didn't have to wait forever).

The news was not good.

It also looked and smelled really bad.

The main bathroom was fine, as was the toilet and the sink in the spare bathroom. The kitchen sink with garbage disposal, the dishwasher, and the washing machine, as well as the spare shower, all were draining into the crawl space. Dave thinks there were slow leaks but this summer a pipe ruptured and that was when it got pretty nasty.

Dave says it's actually not as bad as it sounds. Maybe.

So, we got the plumber in and he spent about 6 hours under the house fixing it. He's a great guy!!! Now we still have to clean up the mess and damage. Not good.

More belly shots!

I have to first apologize for the lack of action here. I've been so tired and the thought of writing here seemed overwhelming. I don't know why, because I enjoy it, I'm just tired.

I've also been negligent in taking and posting belly photos. I took a few on my own using a mirror and tried out the camera timer. I got a friend to take one today, too. I need to get better at this. There isn't much belly time left, and in a way that makes me sad. The belly has magic.

Here are some photos from 31 weeks and 2 days:

Here is one from today (32 weeks and 6 days):

Wednesday, August 6, 2008



We all have our fears in life. I don't have much I'm afraid of, but ants would rank up toward the top of the list. Ants are horrible little creatures and they have it in for me at least as much as I have it in for them. It's all-out war.

It may have all started when I was about 2 or 3 years old. My family went out to some family property and my dad picked me up out of the truck and put me down on a red ant nest and told me to stay put. I had them all over me. I screamed and cried, but my parents just told me to be quiet and stay put, not quite realizing about the ants, and probably not thinking it was that big of a deal.

The rest of my life in Utah there weren't any major run-ins with ants, but they were already my enemy. As I mentioned in another post, I'm not big on firecrackers and don't see much purpose for them other than blowing up ant hills. So yes, I have blown up a fair few ant hills in my teen years when we'd go camping. I had cousins that got m-80s. M-80s are great for blowing up really big ant hills!

I went to Guatemala and stayed with my dad for several weeks when I was 21. That, I think, was when the ants started taking their revenge. I woke up in the middle of the night one night parched and unable to get something to drink. I had some Lifesaver candies, though, so in the dark I found them and put one in my mouth. It was covered with a strange texture, though, so I spit it out and turned on the lights. ANTS!

I had brought my favorite sweater with me on that trip. It was hand-knit and so comfy!! One day there were a lot of little yellow dots on it and my dad's wife told me those were ant eggs. It was really tough to get rid of them and it was horrifying.

When I moved to California, word of the ant revenge against me spread. I like to think of the ants like the Borg. Each ant is one of many of a network. They can all communicate with each other, just like computers on the internet. They are, essentially, the most sophisticated network in the world and they are highly underestimated. Killing ants is probably justifiable, because in this theory, when an ant dies, their consciousness is absorbed into the "collective." For every ant that dies, millions more are created. They may someday take over the world! Beware!!

In their collective, they can transmit messages and once they mark an enemy then they can let the entire world's colonies of ants know. Nowhere is safe and I am marked.

When I moved to California I shared a cute little bungalow with a couple of housemates. I had my own bathroom with my own tub. I love taking baths, btw. However, the ants made it difficult for me to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes. They moved in to the overflow in my bathtub, somehow, some way, and I still can't figure it out completely. Nearly every time I'd run a bath, hundreds of ants would flood into the waters or run out and run around the edges of the tub. It was horrific.

There have been at least two times where I was attacked in my sleep. I'd be sleeping peacefully then notice a slight itch on my cheek. I'd scratch the itch and discover it was from what I thought was a crumb. I'd continue to sleep, but lighter than before, until the next itch, which again was maybe a crumb. After a few "crumbs" I'd think it was odd and it would pull me out of my sleep enough to turn on the lamp and discover a trail of ants coming from the window, over the pillow, and all over me. They were little black ants, but they still BITE!!!

I recall one day many years ago spending a Saturday dedicated to reading. I was having such a lovely time getting into a good book and realized I hadn't eaten in hours. I begrudgingly put the book down and went into the kitchen for dinner. I opened my freezer and found it filled with little black specks, just filled!! Upon further examination I discovered that those specks were ants! I grabbed a cloth and swept them all out of the freezer, but then I had hundreds of dead frozen ants all over my kitchen floor. I should have swept them up and disposed of them right away, but I was shattered and couldn't take anymore. I wasn't even hungry anymore.

I woke up early the next morning and was starving. I remembered the nightmare waiting for me in the kitchen so I braced myself and got prepared to clean up the mess from the night before. I steeled myself to go into the kitchen and lo and behold, it was clean. There were no ants to be seen!! I didn't know what happened but I thought maybe some other ants came in and took all the bodies back to the nest, wherever it was, to eat them. Another horrifying thing about ants is that they eat their own sometimes. I didn't see any ants, so if they took the bodies away I was fine with that, as long as they left me alone. I opened the freezer again and AACK! It was full of ants again!! This time I took no chances and I vacuumed it out and disposed of the vacuum bag.

Ants are creepy!

Last time Dave left town the pool turned against me and developed a bad case of algae. It's finally a blue pool again, but only just getting to a point where it's swimmable. Well, he left yesterday and we thought that I would be fine on my own for a week, provided that we get someone to come over a few times over the week to clean the filters. The pool isn't the worry now.

I had a nightmare last night that I encountered a huge colony of ants. I couldn't get away from them and they kept trying to get all over me. I was hyperventilating and my heart was racing and I knew that it wasn't healthy for the pregnancy to be in that stressed of a state. I woke up and found that I really was hyperventilating and my heart was pounding. I was really freaked out, physically, from a dream!

I came into the living room and was having a lovely morning. I watched a little tv, played on the computer a bit, pet the cat, had a little breakfast, and was just taking it easy. I was sitting on a chair and there was a little itch on my arm. I thought it was just a hair or something so I moved my arm and it was better. Then I saw a little black dot moving on my hand. It was an ant!!! I did a little yelp and brushed the ant off and for good measure, smacked my arm a few times briskly against the side of the chair. Crisis over, or so I thought. I figured I picked the ant up from petting Tempest. He is often outside and comes in for brief cuddles, sometimes bringing ants in.

A little while later I saw another black dot, this one moving on the arm of the chair. I brushed it off, too, assuming it was the one I had earlier brushed off my arm, until I saw one crawling on the table next to me. I looked down, and they were all over the floor. There was a trail of them coming from a tiny hole at the top of the fireplace, across the mantle, down the laptop plug, and then onto the floor using the laptop cable as a bridge. They were happily taking crumbs left over from my cracker and cheese craving from last night. I should have cleaned up but our house has been ant-free for a very long time, thanks to Shane from Server's Pest Control!

Dave normally takes care of ant attacks since they get me so bent out of shape. Dave's gone for a week. :( I tried to think calmly and be cool about it. I proceeded to clean up in hopes that getting everything spotless and wiping the walls around the invasion and mopping the floor would do the trick. I went outside to bring the garbage can back in from off the street (garbage day today) and discovered that the ant situation in the house was the least of my ant worries. They are everywhere on the side of the house. It's no wonder they came in. They are EXPANDING and probably looking for new nesting sites!

I called Servers and Shane is due to arrive sometime between 2 and 4. In the meantime, I'm trying to just stay calm. If I don't post again, you'll know the ants won.