Thursday, July 3, 2008


I think some force out there is trying to tell me something - probably to slowwwww down!!! I need to listen. This is getting to be too much.

Dave and I have been sharing the Jaguar since we got it out of the shop. On Tuesday I had an appointment with Dr. B. She told me to slow down. She's looking into how I can get a wheelchair rental from Kaiser for the duration of the pregnancy, so I can be out and about but not walking too much. Walking, even in some short distances, seems to be setting off the contractions too much. I was really tired and not feeling well Tuesday so the doctor appointment was pretty much all I did that morning, then that afternoon I picked Dave up from work and we got the Jag out of the shop, returned the rental car, and went out to dinner. I fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got home and woke up the next morning feeling quite refreshed after about 12 hours of sleep.

Yesterday was an easy day since I didn't have the car, but I still had 5 contractions in my morning session of counting contractions, and I had 4 in the evening session. Considering 6 is my limit, I really want to bring these numbers back down.

I had to use the car again today so I could make it to the breastfeeding class this afternoon. Last night Dave kept asking me to tack on various small errands to my list of things to do today since I would have the car and didn't get any of them done Tuesday. Corinne invited me over to celebrate Elliot's 2nd birthday, as well, since I had the car (and I was looking forward to it, too). We needed groceries and there was a check that needed to be deposited so I thought I'd get those done, too, since I had the car.

I dropped Dave off at work then went straight to Safeway. I got a few frozen items and should have gone straight home, but I thought the bank wouldn't take long and it was right around the corner. I went to the bank and deposited the check. Learning Express was right around the corner from the bank so I thought I'd nip in really quickly to get a little something for Elliot before going to Corinne's. I saw a parking space right in front of LE but there was a car right on my tail that intimidated me from taking it and I thought to myself, "it won't do too much harm if I park a little further away." I turned down a row of cars in the parking lot and there weren't any spaces nearby so I decided to go around back to the one in front of the store. I got to the end of the row and the car sounded kind of funny and drove strangely. I turned around the bend and set the car to go straight and drove another 15-20 feet. The car was veering to the left. I decided to go straight to that parking spot but someone pulled into it right then. I stopped the car and got out - to discover that the front tire was completely flat.

Oh joy of joys.

A nice man stopped and asked if I had a spare. I don't know if he would have offered to change it but I didn't feel right taking advantage of a stranger - he was dressed so nicely. I told him I did have a spare and that I would be fine, that a friend of mine wasn't far away. I stayed there in the middle of the lot for a minute or two wondering what to do - I was blocking cars. Another spot opened up so I pulled into it, but worried about doing more damage to the rim.

I checked my cell phone and the battery was dead, again. We've been looking for a new phone for me for some time. My phone is 4-5 years old and doesn't hold a charge very well, and the connection with the charger doesn't work all the time so it's tough to charge it. I only knew a few numbers off the top of my head. I went into Learning Express and they had all seen me with the flat. They were so nice to me and offered their phone, some water, a chair, and even a fridge for my groceries! Tony lives pretty close to where I was so he was the first person I thought of. I called Tony's home number because I don't know his cell. I left a message on his machine and called Dave. I found Dave on his cell phone and he was going to try to borrow a car from work to come and rescue me.

While waiting I decided to shop around and that was when Tony walked in. The women asked, "may we help you find something?" He said, "yes, a pregnant woman, please." Tony so sweetly changed my tire for me. He wanted me to go straight to the tire store but I was concerned about the groceries, my filling bladder, my lack of water, and lack of a book or something to keep me occupied while waiting for the tire repair. Tony didn't want me driving the car home and back with a donut so he took me home and helped with the groceries. I got some water, emptied my bladder (I'm supposed to drink lots of water AND keep my bladder empty in an effort to curtail the contractions), and got my book. He took me back to my car and I was on my way to Wheelworks.

At Wheelworks they were also super nice. $30 and an hour later I was back on the road with a repaired tire. I called Corinne when I got home and explained the situation and apologized for not making it over today. Stephanie called and wanted to meet for lunch, but I told her about the ordeal and she understood. I decided to spend the next couple of hours resting before going to the class.

I have to leave in an hour for the class, then after that I need to pick up Dave's dry cleaning, then pick Dave up from work. Still too much for the rest of the day after this morning's affairs.

I really need to learn better how to say NO and how to learn to just rest and let other things go. That must be what this force is trying to tell me to do.

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Baby Step said...

WOW, that sure doesn't sound like taking it easy! LOL. I am glad you and your car are alright.