Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Latest doctor appointment - went well!

I saw Dr. B last Friday. She checked me out and verified that all these contractions are not causing any cervical changes. This is great news because it means I'll likely make it at least to 32 weeks and we're very optimistic that I'll make it to 36 weeks. She said if I make it to 36 weeks she'll start weekly Non-stress tests (NST), which will be done in the Perinatology Department where I get my ultrasounds.

The contractions are decreasing but getting much stronger. They have brought me to the brink of fainting. Sometimes it feels like something is sitting on my stomach and chest with a hand around my throat. My doctor said that there is probably some issue with the contractions compressing some nerves. I don't quite understand it, but I do understand how the nervous system is very complex and I know mine is quite compromised already.

More and more I realize it's probably a blessing that my car is broken. I'm forced to stay home and rest because of it, especially since I'm not really allowed to walk anywhere. I do get a bit stir-crazy, though, especially since the pool is out of commission.

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