Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jury duty

Yes, that's right. I have jury duty this week! Too funny, huh?

I got the summons about 3 months ago. I sort of envisioned what the court would say with me trying to get out of it using pregnancy as an excuse. The form was very clear about what excuses were acceptable and pregnancy was definitely NOT on the list. It said that if there were medical reasons, that I would need to send it in with a doctor note. I really wasn't sure I could convince my doctor to write that note for me a few months ago, considering that she wouldn't know much better than I about how I would be doing come July. Besides, I was concerned that if I used the pregnancy excuse, that I would be called again in a matter of months when jury duty would be even more difficult to serve. This way I get it out of the way for about 2+ years. I'm just going to have to see it out and hope for the best.

My biggest concern with this is that I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday. These ultrasounds are not easy to book and I have to take what is available. When they booked it last month, this was essentially the first available appointment. It should have been timed for last week but there were no appointments available. I hate to think what I'd end up with if I rescheduled - probably nothing for a few weeks and I need these ultrasounds at least every 4 weeks. I cannot miss a single one.

Fortunately, Santa Clara County seems very organized with the way they handle jury duty. They assign group numbers and then when the week comes for service, prospective jurors are supposed to check a website or call a phone number to see if the group number is needed. My group number is 250. I checked the website and it says I am not needed Monday but to check the website Monday after 5pm for updates. Worst-case scenario is that I would have to actually go in on Tuesday. Frankly, if I had to go in, I really doubt I would be selected to be a juror. I'm hardly the ideal candidate right now, having to be in a reclined position more time than not (cannot spend too much time sitting upright in a rigid chair), having to urinate every 20-40 minutes, having to eat in several small meals throughout the day, drink over 10 glass of water a day, and let's not forget the hiccups and burps. No, I would not be an ideal candidate, unless the defendant was a 7-month pregnant woman, in which case I doubt the prosecution side would like me on the jury.

I'm just finding all of this humorous. I mean, I would be called for jury duty when 7 months pregnant with twins.

We'll just see what happens.

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