Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a good day today

It has been a very busy day but very good. I had an ultrasound today and it went very well. It's a shame Dave couldn't be there, I know he really would have liked to have gotten another glimpse at the boys. They're looking so cute and it's truly amazing to see them move in real-time. This was the first ultrasound where we weren't able to see both of them in the same picture. Oh well.

The news is good. Both babies are measuring right on target for growth and they are each 2.8 pounds. I have 5 pounds of baby inside me, which is equivalent to what I would have if I were 8 weeks further along with a single baby (that's almost full-term size!). They are both measuring in the 65th percentile; average is the 50th percentile. The tech said that with twins, they are happy with anything above the 10th percentile so the babies are actually measuring above average, even for single babies. And now the little bit of TMI, but also important, my cervix measures 5 centimeters and 4 centimeters with pressure, which means that there is a VERY good chance that my body can hold these babies in for the duration until they are truly ready to come into the world. The only not so good news, but not so bad, is that twin-b is transverse (lying side to side), which means if he doesn't move to vertex (head down and ideal) or even breech, I may need a c-section. I'm going to wait until I'm safe to go into labor and if he's still out of position, I'll go back to Robert, my acupuncturist, and see if he can help get the babies lined up. I don't dare play with acu until then, though, because it can cause even more contractions.

After the ultrasound I went to the lab and did the 1-hour glucose tolerance test. I don't expect to pass it, since I took it 3 months ago and passed it by only one point. If I fail this test then I will take the 3-hour glucose tolerance test, which will show if I have gestational diabetes. I have had a couple of symptoms (mainly extreme thirst and tingly feet - but just tingling the bottoms of my feet, it's so weird), so again, I wouldn't be surprised if I do, but I'm not too concerned since it is treatable and I'd rather have these things be found out and treated - better for me and better for the babies.

The sugar drink makes me feel a bit off for awhile and then just plain tired. Now I'm super tired so I think I'll take a nap. While I was just feeling off I went to the women's injection clinic and got my Rhogam shot. The nurse really wanted to give it to me in the arm and I freaked out a little at the thought, even though it would have gone into my good arm. I started to shake and nearly cried at the idea of taking a shot in the arm. I have a fear that it could make the RSD/CRPS worse or spread, even if it goes into my good arm. Once I explained the situation to her she was more than happy to give me the shot in the buttocks, which I'm perfectly fine with and used to, after 3 months of getting the progesterone oil injections there in the 1st trimester. I also was able to go to the pharmacy and pick up the ferrous sulfate my doctor wants me to take. I couldn't find it at Longs, Walgreens, Whole Foods, or Safeway, so I'm really happy I found it at Kaiser.

I got home and received good news from not one but two friends. One just saw her baby's heartbeat for the first time and the other just got her very first positive pregnancy test after years of trying (and several attempts at various fertility treatments).

Tony and Rachel have graciously offered to bring me dinner tonight. That's so nice of them and it helps me out immensely. With all the busy stuff today I've gone way over my 1/2 mile walking restriction and though I'm not contracting too much, I'm certainly feeling like I've done too much.

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