Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm also a little bit anemic

I had a CBC blood test yesterday. We are insured by Kaiser Permanente and one of the things I love about this HMO is the online access to medical records and the ability to e-mail my doctors whenever I have questions. My blood was drawn just after lunchtime yesterday and the CBC results were available to me late last night.

I know medical records are confidential and I guess it sounds a little silly that I would post my blood test results on the web, but what's the big deal?

So, here is the result of the full CBC:

ComponentMy ValueStandard Range
(according to KP)
WBC COUNT 7.73.5-12.5 K/uL
RED BLOOD CELLS COUNT 3.713.60-5.70 M/uL
HGB 11.111.5-15.0 g/dL
HEMATOCRIT 33.734.0-46.0 %
MCV9180-100 fL
RDW, RBC13.811.9-14.3 %

So, according to the KP standard range, I'm a little low in the HGB (Hemoglobin) and the Hematocrit. Being the curious person I am, I also looked these values up on the web and found that other places seem to have different ranges of acceptance of the range where it is "fine." With the KP range, I'm only a little low. With the ranges I looked up, those levels seem much lower. I'm not too concerned about it just yet since my levels aren't too far out of the KP range, though, but I won't be surprised if my doctor has me go on an iron supplement. Actually, even if she doesn't, it might not be a bad idea anyway. If my doctor doesn't want to do something about it, I'll probably still try to do something about it on my own.

This would explain why lately I just feel as though I hit the wall. I have no energy and just feel blah. But then again, my belly is measuring about 32 weeks so it could just be the progressing pregnancy. It's nothing I didn't expect. I love being pregnant just the same.

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Donna said...

Lots of unbuttered popcorn will bring that iron right up for you. You want to get ahead of it now, because blood loss at deliver will lower it and you don't want to be low when you need your energy and for nursing.