Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have a green thumb (or bum)

Dave was in Japan on business recently and the very day after he left, the pool decided to go green. I can appreciate anyone's intentions of going green, except for the pool's! It was nasty!! I guess it was a combination of the extreme heat, the high amount of pollen, leaves, and flowers from the surrounding trees, and an imbalance of the chemicals (the ph got really low). Green algae has been very rare in our pool, but that's what we got. Ugh!

It happened pretty much overnight. As I mentioned, our "pool guy" was in Japan so there wasn't much I could do. I was unable to clean the filters without help, and I could barely sweep the pool, not that sweeping would help much since it was IN the water and not on the walls. I put in shock treatment to super-chlorinate it, but that wasn't much help when the ph was so low. We needed massive amounts of ash to raise the ph, and to have the filters cleaned frequently to ensure proper flow and filtration.

I talked to Dave about it several times on the phone but he had no idea it was as bad as it was. Tony came over a few times to help, bless his heart. It took about a week after Dave got home and started working on the chemicals, but the pool has been back to blue again for a little while now. The problem now is that it is still cloudy due to the dead algae and all the ash. The pool is still a few days from usable.

I'm going nuts without the pool. I'm stuck at home these days with no car and with doc's orders not to walk much. Swimming was my only real form of exercise and it made me feel so good. I hope we can get it sorted out soon.

Dave is going to the UK for a week soon and I hope the pool is in good shape by then, and that it doesn't betray me again once its keeper leaves town.


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Wow! That's really GREEN! I hope it gets fixed soon.