Monday, July 21, 2008

Glucose test hour 3

One more hour to go! The nausea is subsiding, my head feels slightly like it's in a vice grip but it's not so bad. The biggest issue now is trying to keep my head up and stay awake.

There have been 3 blood draws from my poor arm so far. The first one was a piece of cake with no pain. The second time it felt slightly bruised. The third and most recent one was tough. She accidentally hit a nerve and with RSD, that doesn't go over very well, even in my good arm. I cried out a little too loudly, but I couldn't help it. It bloody well hurt!! Afterward, my whole arm tingled and gave me some strange sensations, then I felt faint, but got better quickly.

They're so nice here in the lab. I came to the less busy one on the second floor. They're getting used to me here. One of them remembered me from last week.

Bonnie, the nurse that calls me every week, said that if it turns out that I do have gestational diabetes, that she would be the one monitoring me (either her or someone at her facility). She said that she'll monitor the GD at the same time as she does the contractions, so that makes it easier than adding another person and more appointments.

I see Dr. B (OB) on Friday, so if I don't get the results before that, I know I won't have to wait too long.

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karenf said...

Okee dokee, thanks for the update. I was wondering how it was going. It's cool you could bring your laptop to the hospital! You should have the results sooner than friday, the glucose test is relatively easy, I usually get mine back within a day or two, Especially pregnant ladies need to be on top of it, so they won't wait to tell you.

Sorry about your poor arm. Make sure to ice it when you get home!