Monday, July 21, 2008

Child birth class

Yesterday's child birth class was better than we expected. It still probably could have been consolidated down to 2-3 hours instead of 8-9 hours. They covered a lot of material, but spent a lot of time on mind-body relaxation techniques, mainly progressive relaxation, a technique I use frequently to help keep the RSD/CRPS manageable. I'm glad that I have a head start on these things since these skills will help me when the big day comes, but spending 4 hours learning about it, again, was a bit boring. Of course, they have to cater to all the students, and I hope it will help the others in the class as much as it's helped me.

Right now I'm at the hospital lab doing the 3-hour glucose test. I drank the glucose about a half an hour ago and am currently fighting to keep it down and to keep my wits about me. I just want to throw up, curl into a ball, and fall asleep. My head's starting to hurt and there is a constant urge to relieve myself of the fluid I ingested that is making me feel so ill. I knew this test would be hard, but I didn't think it would be this hard. It feels tough to maintain complete control of my body and worry that I'll pass out. The contractions aren't helping. They deprive me of oxygen and they are getting stronger and longer these days, some of them bringing me to the brink of unconsciousness. On the plus side, they are getting less frequent.

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