Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Belly Shots!

I mentioned in an earlier post that Jack Wasserbach, our wedding photographer, wanted to take some belly shots once I got big. It was a wonderfully kind offer, especially since we couldn't pay to get any done. I drove down to Carmel a couple of days before my car blew up and we had a good time. The timing was good because it was just days before I hit the 24 week mark when my big restrictions were to kick in.

Jack wanted to get started between 9-10 am. Since Carmel is an hour and a half drive at best, I knew I couldn't make it by 9am, especially these days. I agreed to 10am as a general time frame but warned I may be late, depending on how that morning goes. I did my very best to be there by 10, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Dave and I got up early enough, but there was so much I had to do to get ready and it takes me longer. I loaded my car with clothing options for the photos, and got my water and snacks ready for the drive, and was on the road at about 9am. I called to say I'd be running about 1/2 hour late. That was before I discovered a bit of traffic troubles once I got to the Monterey area, which delayed me a little further.

My mom's husband, Daniel, was obviously very perturbed by my tardiness. He showed it on the phone when I called with updates about my arrival, and told me when I got there that I had only 20 minutes left and that was it, which made me assume that Jack and Chris (Jack's wife) had to leave at 11am. After the 2-hour drive and traffic, I broke into slight tears and shakes from the stress. I hate disappointing people and beat myself up enough over these things, I don't need others to beat me up, too. Fortunately, Jack and Chris planned for this and knew that the drive could be rough. They weren't as concerned about the time as Daniel was, and it turned out Daniel didn't know what we were planning to do, anyway.

Jack wanted to take the pictures in my mother's bedroom by the deck door. The lighting was good and the photos turned out beautifully. My mom arrived and was very encouraging. Jack and Chris soothed my bruised feelings and shaky nerves with big hugs and made me feel much better.

We went through a series of shots with various clothing options. Jack had some really beautiful pieces of fabric and ran the idea by me of doing some nudes with the fabric draped in front of me. I resisted at first, but got comfortable enough eventually. I thought they would be more silhouettes, but when I saw the proofs, well, everything shows. They are nice, but more than I can handle for my own sake. I just feel odd knowing others that I know might see these pictures and see my pink parts (now purple in pregnancy) and maybe a bit of short & curlies, all with the fabric over it, of course. Dave said he's fine with most of them (not so much the short & curlies, though), and thought they were very good and artistic. I just can't do it, though. Jack promised my privacy would be ensured and if I didn't want them displayed, that they wouldn't be. He's part of a group of photographers with whom I studied photography so I know them, they know me. I don't feel right about them seeing me that way. I don't feel right about my family or friends seeing them either. I'm glad Jack respects that. I love Jack. :)

We want to do some more when I get puffickly huh-yooge in a month or two.

The drive home was not so good. It took over 3 hours and I was stuck in stop-n-go traffic for over an hour of it. I'm so glad Betsy (the car) hung in there the whole time. I didn't realize that she was on her last legs/wheels.


Jocasta said...

You look gorgeous - such wonderful photos.

You can always get the unnecessary bits cropped or airbrushed out.

karenf said...

beautiful shots, I wish I could do stuff like that! I may want to come over and practice... can I please? I won't do any nudes.

Baby Step said...

The pictures are really beautiful. I don't blame you for feeling weird about the nudie shots!!! :-)