Friday, June 20, 2008

Ut oh!

I'm still marvelling at the audacity of that sales guy. I have a very serious concern about him. We invited him into our home. Sure, we kicked him out and he left, but...

in vampire lore, all you have to do is invite the vampire into your home and he forever has access to your home and to your blood.

Should I put garlic around our doors and windows and wear a garlic necklace? I don't really put much store in crosses, as I am Mormon and we don't do the whole cross or icon thing, but should I get one and wear it and put some around my house?

Dang it! I forgot to check for his reflection in the mirror. There is that site I linked to that has a photograph of him, so maybe he's not a vampire since I read that vampires don't photograph... but that was with film. Now that we have digital photography does that mean we can capture a vampire in pictures?

I'm really confused, though, since there are many schools of thought on this subject. Some believe vampires can be seen in mirrors and photos and others think their images cannot be captured. What if this guy comes back for blood?

He seems more like the Renfield type, though. He's not a master but a slave and I don't think minions or slaves take human blood, rather, they need to take the blood of lesser creatures like themselves (rats, mainly).

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Panamahat said...

Hey Lizzie, it is 2nd July here now. I hope you are not STILL thinking about that sales guy!!!