Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celebrity gossip

Sometimes I feel really out of it. Today it was because I saw a forum post about Jessica Alba's new baby. Okay, I have to admit it, I don't know who the heck Jessica Alba is and for the most part, I really don't give a crap. I've heard the name before and I know she's a celebrity, but she's obviously not a celeb for any reason I would like her. Okay, just for the sake of this post I'm going to go Google the name. Now I know! She's an actress and I wasn't really familiar with her because based on her IMDB page, she hasn't been in anything I've really seen, watched, or cared to see or watch.

There are a number of celebs like that. I hear about them, recognize the name, but don't know what they do or why they are famous. Of course, there are some people who are famous simply for being famous or for looking good (um, Paris and Nicki Hilton come to mind). There are also people who are famous because they were on a reality tv show. I don't watch much reality tv because I find it really boring. My real life is so much more interesting than the lives of the people on those shows. I admit to occasionally getting into Survivor, but even that thrill has dissipated over the years. One such show I really cannot stand is American Idol. I have tried to watch it once or twice but can't get more than about 3 minutes into it (or more than about 30-45 seconds once someone starts singing). It's filled with over-singing egotists and I can't stand to allow that kind of singing to penetrate my sensitive eardrums.

With those shows come a bunch of new celeb names every year that are spoken on television, radio, and by people everywhere. They make the headlines of the trash-sheets found at the grocery store check stands. More and more names of people that if I Googled them, I would find out that they are probably famous for things that are of no interest to me. I know I hear some of them singing on the radio from time to time, but only if I'm unable to change the station to something better. Some of them make the brain-dead music that can turn brains to mush.

As for the stories in the trash-sheets, I'm simply not interested. Somehow I recently got on some list that got me a free subscription to US Magazine. I hope I never get billed for this bollocks. For now, rather than throw it immediately into the recycling bin, I cut my name and address off the front page and sneak the magazines into the OB clinic waiting room, where I assume that there might be someone at some point sitting in there that actually gives a damn about the goings on of these people who live in that other world, the world of egos and schmoozing.

I can honestly say that I am not part of that society that pays for this kind of "gossip" or information. I am not responsible for the paparazzi that contributed to Princess Diana's death or have made countless lives of stars more difficult. Yes, by being public figures there is a certain amount of attention they can and should expect, but it's really gone too far.

In this forum post, people are discussing the way Jessica Alba recently gave birth. Does it really matter? I've heard and seen other discussions about very private matters of celebrities from what they drank at a party to how they conceived their babies. If a celeb gets pregnant with twins everyone wants to know if there were fertility treatments involved. They usually don't want to know about the fertility treatments because it might actually open some minds and spread awareness. No, people want to judge. They want to know why the celeb used fertility treatments and often they make comments on how that celeb probably shouldn't have done it (too old, too many kids, too busy, etc.). Like it's anyone's business anyway.

I can understand being interested in the glitz. I, for one, love to see some of the clothes they wear to the award shows, though I can't stand watching the shows. What I've noticed, however, is that for the most part it seems that people just want to judge the celebs harshly. Sure, the celebs might actually deserve some of the harsh judgments, I mean, they aren't all exactly living very cleanly or acting as good role models. However, if we judge them for what they do, then we also judge society, our friends, neighbors, and family members.

I have issues with such harsh judgments. When we make such judgments it's often done without knowing the full story and how can you know the full story unless you were there, actually walking in that person's shoes? We all know that the media is not exactly accurate in reporting, but if it suits us we tend to overlook that in favor of what is more fun and interesting for us to believe. I remember many times in my life other people have incorrectly judged me and when I confronted them about it, I learned they got their information from not so reputable sources, though they seemed to know more about my own situation than I knew myself, though their information was completely inaccurate - they just believed what they wanted to believe rather than believe in the truth.

I guess the thing is, I see celebs as people, real people. They live in an entirely different world than I live in, but while I've occasionally lived on the edge of that world, I don't want to immerse myself in it. I know people who live in that world and I notice that they are indeed interested in living in that world and chose that lifestyle. They relish it and thrive. I just can't be pulled in. It's not my place, it's not my world, it's not my thing, baby.


Baby Step said...

I have to admit that I do read the trashy rags...when I am on a long plane ride I stock up for easy, brainless 'reading'. Do you still love me?

karenf said...

Oh I hear ya. I don't like Celeb gossip either, unless it is something I can relate too. Like, when I was pregnant with child #1, Julia Roberts was pregnant with her twins, when it leaked that she was having complications, I felt for her. I knew what she was going through. When Brooke Shields talked about her postpartum depression, I understood what she was talking about. What I can't stand is when I see headlines "Whose the cutest baby? Celeb A, B or C's child?" that pisses me off to no end. I mean, there were zillions of babies born at the same time, chances are half a zillion babies were cuter than any celeb's baby, but do they get the recognition?

Baby Step said...

Lizzy - I cannot get onto LP! Is there a problem with it? I log on and it says I logged on successfully, but then when I click on any of the forums or whatever, it takes me back to the log on page. In an endless loop.