Friday, June 6, 2008

Ooooh Mexico!

Yes, I have the guts to still wear a bikini. It was a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, after all. It was lovely! We really didn't do much, though, just sit around the pool or beach, mostly. We stayed in the Marriott near the marina so we walked over to the marina every night to try various restaurants out for dinner. The food was great, the weather beautiful, and the entire trip was relaxing. I found a nice resting spot on our walks to the marina.

Even with restrictions we did manage to take one excursion. We went to Las Caletas, a private beach that used to belong to movie director John Huston. It's a nice place and the boat trip was entertaining (once I got past the seasickness). Our "cruise director" was Giovanni, a self-proclaimed "Blacksican."

We really enjoyed the beach and met a nice 77-year-old "student" named Jerry. He kept good company with us through the day. He's a retired school teacher from the Fresno area. He was in Mexico for a Spanish-immersion class, staying with a host in Puerto Vallarta and trying out his Español.

While at the beach, I had a monkey on my back and Dave had a kitty eating out of his hand. Somehow no matter where we go, the cute little animals seem to find us (or is it the other way around?).

There were some stray dogs at the marina that all the restaurant employees seemed to adopt. They were Pancho and Lupé (Pancho the yellow boy and Lupé the dark-brown girl). Lupé had puppies a month or so ago and she was crying a lot because someone took the puppies (hopefully giving them a good home). Pancho was apparently not the father. Pancho seems to prefer the company of other boys (he was said to be "joto"). As much as Lupé tried to snog him, and she really tried, he wouldn't have any of it. They still hung out together and were best mates. Many tourists tried to pet the dogs, but Lupé was cautious and didn't want the attention. Pancho was happy to soak it up. Dave managed to give Pancho a little attention. We also met the restaurant's resident kitty, "Eperanza."

Dave's becoming quite the photographer these days. He and I may be competing for the position of family photographer. I may have the classes behind me, but his photos are going to be hard to beat. I bet he'll take great photos of our little boys. :)

As good as those are, he says the following one is his favorite (he's a real sweetie).


Jocasta said...

Wow - you look great. Mexico looks wonderful as well. I've always wanted to go but it's a slightly longer trip for me :(

Freyja said...

You look beautiful pregnant... especially in that dress! Amazing!