Friday, June 6, 2008

I really don't mind

It's been years since I've had a real Chalupa from Taco Bell (aka: Taco Smell, Taco Hell, etc.). We live near Del Taco and they have the Big Fat Taco that is similar to a Chalupa, but not quite as greasy so not quite as disgustingly delicious. So, I went to the closet Taco Bell yesterday to indulge in a Chalupa or two. This particular Taco Bell has no drive-thru so I went inside to collect the order. While I waited I noticed a guy staring at my belly. I'm getting a little used to the staring and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Maybe it's another IVF side-effect. I'm so happy and proud to be pregnant, I sometimes feel like announcing it to the world. Finally, he gets up a little courage (or maybe a lot) and says, "it looks like you're about ready to give birth." I said, "hopefully not for another 4 months." He said, "Wow! What, have you got two in there?" "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!" I replied while smiling.

I know some women are really sensitive about their belly growth and maybe I will be at some point. For now I'm still super excited and happy. Dave and I spent the first 3 months being nervous and afraid of anything going wrong. We're still nervous and afraid, but feeling more secure by the week. Another 2 weeks and the babies may be viable outside the womb (although it would still be super risky).

This guy was funny. He said that it was a good thing I wasn't a small woman or it would be really hard on me to get as big as I'm likely to get. Then he realized how that sounded and he tried to correct it, but I think I know what he meant. No, I'm not a small-framed tiny lass, but I wasn't overweight when I got pregnant and the weight gain so far is going pretty well - not too much and not too little (it was too little for awhile, but I've caught up to where I should be).

I was actually pleased by his comments and thought he was funny. It was a little amusement to an otherwise boring day.

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