Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Upcoming limitations!

I'm glad I mentioned the contractions to the perinatologist. She gave me the booklet that I'm supposed to get around 24 weeks (mid-June) with information on preterm labor. The booklet lists the limitations they plan to put me on starting at 24 weeks. I don't mind them so much, but I'm nowhere ready enough for them.

They want me to limit shopping. Dave will like that. I don't shop much, anyway. This includes grocery shopping, though, which is a necessity. The book says if I can't avoid grocery shopping then they list the limitations on it (like having the groceries packed lightly and leaving anything that isn't frozen or refrigerated in the car for Dave to bring in later). I can handle that but I'm not sure Dave will enjoy it.

There are limitations on cooking which are more limitations on standing. I'm not to stand more than 10-15 minutes at a time. This might be difficult in more ways than just limiting cooking time. I'm really not much of a cook and most meals I cook take about 15 minutes to prepare, anyway, so that's not a big deal. With standing limitations like that, though, it sort of limits other things that require standing. I remember standing in line at OSH yesterday for more than 15 minutes. It really tired me out so I can see why this is a limitation and now I guess I see why shopping and errands are limited.

I need to limit anything that causes uterine contractions. I'm getting a lot of those so I guess I need to pay close attention to what causes them. For the most part, I get them when I need to pee, when I stand up, when I move quickly, when I walk for too long, and when I am dehydrated. I'll also need to spend 1 hour twice per day to focus on contractions. This means drinking 2-3 glasses of water then lying on my side for one hour feeling for contractions and making notes about how long they last and how many I get.

As for trips, they want me to stay within one hour of the hospital, which means that even my mom's house is too far. Everyone I've mentioned this to, however, doesn't think I should take this restriction seriously. They say that Kaiser has to cover me no matter where I go into labor. I worry about the facilities, though, and also am concerned that they could deny coverage on the basis of my not following doctor's orders. We'll have to see how I feel about this later on, but for now I have my concerns. This restriction doesn't kick in until mid-June, though, and I'm so glad we're going to Mexico next week. I'm so excited!!

As far as trips go, it does say that if we take a trip that lasts more than one hour (in a car, obviously, because they say no flying after 24 weeks when these restrictions start) then to stop and rest for about a half an hour. This would really annoy anyone with me. We are going up to Graeme and Ashley's wedding in Oakland in late July and Dave, Tony, and Rachel are all expecting me to drive. Isn't it nice how the pregnant woman is the assumed designated driver for the duration of the pregnancy? We're planning to get a hotel, though, so it won't matter that much. I'll be pretty big by then, though, and at the peak of restrictions and risks for preterm labor so I will have to take it very easy. If I drive really fast there I can make it in just about an hour.

Housework will be severely limited. Again, I don't mind this but Dave will. Any housework I do will be limited to small spurts with a minimum half-hour rest in between.

Like I said, I don't really mind the limitations so much and I'm sure they can be massaged a little since every case is different. I'm mostly concerned because the big stuff Dave and I wanted to finish before the limitations kick in are barely even started. We wanted to clean out the garage (big huge job) and the guest room and get everything ready for the babies. We are having a very difficult time choosing a crib. For some reason, most cribs look like cages to me. We plan to have the babies share a crib at least for the first several months, but we realize we'll probably have to get 2 cribs at some point. With 2 cribs to purchase, that puts a big limit on the price we want to pay. I see lovely cribs for about $500 but $500 is the maximum we want to pay for both cribs (obviously we'd prefer to spend even less).

I did some research on cribs for twins and some of the results are laughable. There is one that brings to mind the story of Hansel and Gretel, how the kids were kept in cages to fatten up, at least the boy was while I think the girl worked (sexism in fairy tales, now that's a novel concept). So, this double crib comes up in a search:

Other options for double cribs for twins are, um, just not our style:

So, it looks like twin-specific cribs are not going to be seen in our house. I always liked the idea of a convertible crib but realistically, we'll probably never do the conversion. We're thinking of bunk-beds or twin beds for the boys' graduation to real beds. I really want to get the crib(s) and car seats, as well as get the house painting and cleaning done before the restrictions kick in. That way it will be a lot easier to just take it easy and follow all doctor's orders.


Jocasta said...

Those cribs are lovey. I just wish my girls were boys so we could have the blue one!

Freyja said...

You know, I can't even begin to fathom what my uniped husband and I would do if I were to get pg with twins! HA!

Baby Step said...

That blue crip is hilarious looking!

Barb said...

Not so into those cribs. ugh.

I'm sorry for all the crap you have to worry about.

Heather said...

Sorry you are having contractions! While I didn't have any doctor ordered limitations, by the time I was 28 weeks DH was bringing in most of the groceries and doing all the cleaning!

We got 2 convertible cribs, but I think they were only $200 each. Lifetime Americana at Babies R Us.

You've been tagged! Check my blog for info :)

Lisa and Liam said...

Wow! Bunk beds for babies!! Some how it just seems weird, but it's a really good idea if you think about it!! LOL!

Take care of yourself and those babes!

Lisa from Babyfit (limebee)