Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So much!

I've had all sorts of ideas of things to write about. These ideas come to me as I'm drifting off to sleep. Unfortunately, by morning, those ideas aren't easy to remember.

The last few days (or week) have been busy and pretty much a lot of the same. On Friday we awoke to the smoky air from the Santa Cruz Summit fire. It was about 20-30 miles from here, but the smoke here was thick enough to make Dave awaken with worries of our house being on fire. It was thick enough to burn the eyes and cause us difficulties with breathing. It smelled nice, though. I feel so sad for all the people that lost homes, many of them were uninsured.

The contractions come and go. Some days are better than others. There is a big difference in the days when I am busy compared to when I'm resting. There was a little bit of a scary point yesterday when they started happening every 3-5 minutes for about a half an hour. I did as I was told and emptied my bladder and filled it quickly again with 2 glasses of water followed by rest. It got better.

I'm having some odd twinges near my belly button. It feels a little like getting kicked in the stomach. I wonder if these are baby kicks or something else. It also sort of feels like a stitch or even electric shock at times. It's strange. Not bad, just strange.

On Sunday we had a nice little bbq (with lots and lots of food). A few local friends came and we all had a good time despite the cloudy chilly weather. Go figure, a week before it was over 100 and this last weekend it was under 70. Fancy that! It helped the firefighters with the fire, though, so that was good. Sunday really was nice to just sit around and visit with everyone.

On Monday Dave and I actually went in person to Babies R Us (BRU) to finish the registry. We still need to make some adjustments. I want to delete a bunch of items from the list and add some replacements - we want to try to have more stuff that is available in the store rather than available only online. It was funny, though, we'd been to what we thought was BRU several times just browsing. Someone told us that the local BRU was located inside a particular Toys R Us (TRU). So, we found the TRU and in the back there was a babies section that even had a few ads and signs for BRU, but it really was kind of pathetic. We just couldn't figure out why everyone was raving about BRU because we really couldn't find much in the actual store that we liked or needed and most of the floor models of anything were really over-played with, over-messed with, and just plain knackered. The online selection was great, though, and they offer a 10% discount for "twins" - essentially anything purchased in twos, but you have to ask for the twin discount. While we were there I overheard a woman saying to a man that she wanted to go to the real BRU later that day. I had to embarrass myself and ask her where the real BRU was. It was actually just about a mile and a bit down the road. We found it and it's puffickly huh-yooge and full of great stuff! It was really easy to find everything we'll need and zap it with the zapper (I'm trying hard to refrain from calling it a gun, because I really don't want to have people thinking I'm talking about a real gun when shopping in a baby store - yikes!).

The BRU store still doesn't have a few things we would prefer that we don't want to budge on, like some glass bottles. We registered for a set of BPA-free Born Free plastic bottles, which I hope the babies will like, but it would be nice to have a set of glass ones on-hand, too, just to try and just in case. Actually, in my ideal world I will be able to breastfeed both of them without any problems. We'll just have to see what happens.

I've spent today and yesterday getting ready for our "babymoon" in Puerto Vallarta. I've ton a lot of laundry, trying to get that caught up because it won't be long before the doc's orders will restrict my laundry doing. I had a really nice break with Stephanie getting a fancy pedicure. She had a couple of freebie coupons. Well, sort of freebie. I don't know exactly how it works (I'll learn soon, she promised to take me to the event next time) but she "won" them in some event that she goes to every year. She had two gift cards for the "Express Pedicure" at a really nice spa. They normally charge $45 for this pedicure but it is the "express" and we were both curious to see how it was. Well, this pedicure was much nicer than the $15 one I get at the place near my house. It was in elegant surroundings and they offered us champagne, chocolate, cookies, lemon-water, and just the whole spa kind of pampering treatment. Of course, I declined the champagne. The pedicure itself was so nice! The foot massage was lovely and I really felt like it was a special treat. Thank you to Stephanie for taking me and treating me to this experience! The rest of my pedicures this summer will probably be back to the $15 one at the local place - and yes, I'll let you know when the next one is, Karen (Rachel wants to come, too). The benefit of the cheapie pedicure, which is also very lovely, is that they paint pretty flowers on my big toes and put a little pretty crystal in the middle. When I have the flowers with the crystal I call those my "happy feet." I didn't get happy feet from the fancy spa, but my feet sure look and feel great!

I went to Target today and found an ingredient list for my favorite lipstick - No7 from Boots. I discovered that it does, indeed, contain parabens. Butylparaben was the last on the list of ingredients, but it is nevertheless on the list. I'm sad about that. I replaced my lipstick with a paraben-free option from Burt's Bees. I'm trying so hard to avoid chemicals that can, as my friend Tony puts it, "turn little boys into girls."

We're off to Mexico tomorrow! Dave and I are so excited and we're really looking forward to it. Puerto Vallarta is just a 3.5 hour flight from here so I think I should be okay. I promise to take it very very easy through the whole trip! That's the point of this trip, nothing but relaxation. We have to leave our little Tempest, though, and that always makes me sad. He has such a hard time when he's alone. Part of it is because he gets locked in the house when we are away. Normally, we have a cat flap and he's allowed to come and go as he pleases during the day. We have to shut him in at night due to our raccoon that lives somewhere in the storm drain outside our house. A few months ago we tried to leave the flap open so Tempest could come and go whenever he wanted. We heard a noise in the kitchen late one night and Dave got up to investigate. I was in bed and I heard Dave scream. I grabbed the phone ready to call the police and I called out to Dave to ask if he was all right. Just as I did that I saw this big raccoon come running into our bedroom. Dave heard me scream as I jumped up on our bed. The raccoon was afraid of me and he ran back toward the kitchen with me chasing him. By that time Dave had the door open and shooed the little bugger outside with the broom. We had a few more experiences with "Rocky Raccoon" as we had to try various options to keep Rocky out. Merely locking the flap wasn't enough, he was able to figure that one out.

Now we have to lock the flap and barricade it with a couple of boxes that are heavy enough that it's hard for even me to drag it over the flap (that's not saying much, I'm a wimp). So now Tempest gets locked in at night and for the entire time that we are away. We have friends to come and feed him and they play and cuddle with him, but he still goes a bit nuts and makes messes (just finds things and drags them all around the floor - last time he managed to get into my yarn drawer and we found bits of yarn all over the place). We love him to bits, though, and I don't mind the mess, I just feel bad that he has such a hard time being alone.


Mrslady1975 said...

Lizzy! Have a safe and wonderful vacation. Relax, enjoy the beautiful weather and warm breeze. Yeah for happy feet too! I have switched to alot of the Burts Bee's products and I am totally addicted to the lip tint they carry.


tickintime said...

I love the Burts Bee's line...use everything from shampoo to lotion to lip gloss.

Have a great time on your babymoon. I hope you come back relaxed and ready to enjoy the last half of your pregnancy.

Love the furbaby pic....too cute!

Barb said...

What a sweet kitty picture!! We're leaving our babies for a week in a few days, and we always feel guilty too. :(

Baby Step said...

Have a fantastic trip! Remember - don't drink the water!

Janna said...

Have a fantastic trip Lizzy!!!

What a cute kitty pic!!