Monday, May 5, 2008

Junk food, junk tv, and other indulgences

We all have our indulgences, our guilty pleasures. Some don't admit to them while others flaunt them wildly. Some deprive themselves while at the other extreme some have no resistance to them.

I believe in moderation. I freely indulge in things when I know it isn't in excess. After all, true guilty pleasures don't give as much pleasure unless they are special treats only allowed occasionally.

My favorite indulgences are trashy tv shows, greasy foods, and girlie bath/body products. I'm not a big fan of food in general, though, so even the greasy foods don't seem like much of a treat. Food to me is just a means to an end. We have to eat so we eat. It's annoying that it comes with so much effort just to keep the body fed. We have to buy the materials that someone had to grow. We have to prepare the food, which takes time, effort, and a certain element of planning. We have to spend time eating the food, and then we have to clean it all up. This takes a lot of time that could be spent on other worthy indulgences, as well as other things that are more maintenance tasks than anything else.

Even so, there are some foods that are very enjoyable, even to me. Some of them might appal some friends of mine who wouldn't touch oils even if they came in a bottle of body oils, which I also love, btw.

I love In-n-Out Burger cheeseburgers and fries. Their fries are fresh from the potato and are served fresh and hot. Leslie (my mom's husband's daughter) once took me to an Asian fusion restaurant in Beverly Hills that served some of the best foods I've ever eaten. They fry spinach to a crisp so you eat them like potato chips - and they are a bit oily. Yummy!! My latest craving has been for ice cream. I've also had a recent craving for root-beer floats, which I've had 4 of in the past few days and intend to have another today. Mmm-mmm good!

Dave has banned me from having my bath ritual, with is another of my favorite indulgences. I love to just lie in a hot bath with my Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Massage Oil (with all sorts of lovely oils) while reading. I would lie there for long stretches and it would be so relaxing. Now that I'm limited to showers I have struggled to find shower products to give me that same sense of indulgence as a bath, especially since I gave up on a lot of nasty chemicals since I recently learned that they can cause reproductive disorders to the babies (as well as all sorts of other nasties to me). I found an herbal mint salt scrub (yes, more lovely oils). It gives my body the same feeling as if I just had a nice soak in a moisturizing bath. I also have been using Avalon Organics peppermint body wash and hair conditioner. They smell so nice and make me feel so good!

Being Mormon, I guilty admit to enjoying wine and beer. I haven't enjoyed them nearly as much the past several years as I did in my twenties. I really really enjoyed them back then, but I have greatly reduced my consumption over the years. Well, now obviously, it has been reduced to zero. Another guilty pleasure is tea. I never indulged in tea that much, maybe a cup or two a day. I used to enjoy coffee but I developed a severe intolerance to it in my twenties and now I can't even smell the stuff without feeling ill and getting a headache - if I touch it I develop a rash, it's that bad. Now that I'm pregnant and taking all of my doctor's warnings very seriously, I've been drinking only decaf tea from England, which contains a whopping 4mg of caffeine per serving.

I love love love sunshine. I don't like greasy sunscreens and I believe most sunscreens are toxic to our bodies as well as harmful to our health by blocking the essential nutrients of the sun. Of course, moderation here, too. I'm not opposed to using sunscreen once I've gotten a healthy amount of real unadulterated sunshine. When I do use sunscreen, I will from here on out use the healthier ones that are rated well at the EWG website. Have you checked out their database? It's fantastically useful! I love being able to learn what products are harmful to me and the babies and what alternatives I can use. I was amazed to learn that most of the popular sunscreens Dave and I have used in the past are rated the worst among the products in the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. On the other hand, California Baby Sunscreen is one of the best rated products in the database.

I really enjoy my "stories" on tv. One of my favorites is Desperate Housewives. It's so trashy I just love it! It's the television equivalent to a burger and fries. I remember Stephen King once saying that about some of his books, which I also really enjoy. That's my other great indulgence, books. I have eclectic tastes when it comes to books, television, and music. For books I enjoy horror, mystery, and classics. I do not like romance novels even though they are the trashiest of all - I just can't stomach them, though I've tried on occasion to give them a try. I have difficulty with reading sci-fi, too, ever since I read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - it all seems like satire now, and I just can't take it seriously. Music-wise, I like anything from Johnny Cash to Nine Inch Nails (name that connection, hehe).

What are your favorite indulgences? I'd love to read about them in your blog or in the comments here.


Jocasta and Wayne said...

My friday night ritual is probably my biggest indulgence! It's simple a couple of good quality glasses of wine while watching TV. Why Friday because such stunning girlie shows like "what not to wear" and starting this week "America's Next Top Model" It's the highlight of my week!

Barb said...

I have an ongoing "Happy Things" list that I post on and off. You should be able to find them under my "Happy Times" tag in my blog. :) Love that idea.

Right now my indulgences are sinfully decadent dark chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts, goji berries, blueberries and cranberries mixed in by Hershey's. Mmmmmm. Also greasy foods, sunshine (sometimes I'll just lie down on the concrete of my porch or driveway to soak it up), and tea as well. LOVE teas.

bluehairedwoman said...

every time we visit the west coast In-n-Out burger is a must. we sometimes make multiple trips over one vacation because it's something we can't get here! and there's nothing else like it.

as you know i've been a huge fan of the skin deep website and have relied on it as a guide for which products are safe for some time. thanks for helping me spread the word!

Tims_Diva said...

Horror movies!!!! -Especially the ones about zombies! I just can't get enough of them. Even when I have dreams about zombies and I'm scared out of my wits, I go back to sleep to try and go back to it.

Tims_Diva said...

OH and one more thing: Now that I'm on Weight Watchers, I can't get enough of their 1 point Peanut Butter Bliss bars. Yeah, sure, they're only 1 point, but I'm sure it wasn't Weight Watchers' intention for me to eat 34 of them!!!

Barb said...

Oh.. the music connection.

It's "Hurt" b/c Johnny Cash covered the NIN song. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that cover. Love it. Brilliant. And it feels as if he's singing from the very depths of his being about missing his wife. Brings a tear to my eye.