Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've strapped it on

I'm wearing the Holter monitor today. Boy, what a day to be covered in electrodes. The temperature got over 100 and here I was, not allowed to shower or use the pool. The pool is lovely right now - Karen, why don't you bring the girls over sometime? Also, the electrodes are on the top of my chest. It's very obvious with pretty much every shirt other than shirts that cover up to my neck, and the only ones I have like that are long-sleeved, which is not easy in this heat or with the RSD.

Oh well, it's just for one day, that's all. I was worried that it wouldn't catch the palpitations. For the first several hours of wearing it, I felt great, not a single palpitation. For some strange reason, though, my heart seems to go wacky when I'm at rest, instead of active. As soon as I lay down to rest and have a nap this afternoon, I started getting the palpitations again. Most of them aren't bad, but if I get several in succession they start to make my head hurt, make me feel nauseated and woozy. I'm now wondering if they are due to a blood pressure drop. It's hard to say. I'm pretty sure they aren't much to worry about. They aren't new to pregnancy, I've had this issue before, usually in the summer. It makes sense that this would crop up and bug me in pregnancy, with all the things that come with pregnancy like increased blood flow, rapid weight gain, hormones, and other body changes.

Dave was sweet again yesterday. He took me to Costco and we got an air conditioning unit for our bedroom. We'd really like to get proper a/c installed in our house, but we are waiting to finish the construction we have planned on doing all these years. We're getting it done, but just very slowly. We still have the kitchen to go and we want to move the furnace. Moving the furnace is the biggest issue holding us back from installing a/c. The furnace is in a strange location. There is a section built right smack in the middle of our house just for the furnace. It makes our hallway have a turn to it to get to the living room, otherwise we could look straight down the hall to the other end of the house if it weren't for that thing jutting out like it is. We want to fix it.

Dave installed the a/c last night as soon as we got home. Our bedroom is otherwise boring. We have no tv or anything in there. I can take the laptop in there and watch tv using the Slingbox, but I get a little stir crazy in just one room. It's nice to be able to go in there for a cool retreat, though, and for naps.

Tomorrow is expected to get even hotter. I'm guessing I ought to get used to spending more and more time in the bedroom. I can take the heat better than most people, I think, but I'm very concerned about letting my body temperature rise as it could be harmful for the babies.

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Baby Step said...

So glad it is cooling down, today is very pleasant! Yay for A/C in your bedroom. And SO jealous that you have a pool! As for the PVCs mine are always more prominent when I am resting too. I don't know if it is b/c I notice them more when I am idle, or whether they really calm down. Exercise is supposed to help, so perhaps that is part of it...if your heart rate is elevated they decrease.