Sunday, May 4, 2008

I've been tagged!

Thanks Jacosta, for tagging me. :)

It looks like I need to answer some questions!

4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998)
Wow! 1998 doesn't seem like that long ago. I'm amazed that was 10 whole years ago! I'm not sure I can remember exactly.
1. I was living in an apartment in Sunnyvale. I had Kitty Bugs and a great roommate named Abraham, who left that year to get married.
2. I had a group of friends from Israel and one friend from Pakistan - they all really opened my eyes and helped me to learn a lot more about this world in which we live.
3. Career-wise wasn't doing well. In '97 I'd left a good job that I really loved because of a boss I couldn't stand and I went to work at another company that I also loved, but they had no focus. I left that job in '98 and ended up in a company where I just didn't belong. I did go to Washington DC for that job, though, and really enjoyed the trip and met some really nice people. Louis Farrakhan was staying in the same hotel that week and I had a few odd experiences that I suspect were somewhat due to that. When I got to my room, there was a book at my doorstep. The book was a mystery and still is today. It was The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis by Saramago. I still have the book. Also, I awoke early one morning to a fire alarm. I really didn't want to get up - had a nasty headache. I actually debated which would hurt worse, getting up or getting burned. I decided in the end to get up but I was very casual about it. I got dressed, got a bag and filled it with my reading book and a few other essentials before leaving. When I left, I noticed hotel employees searching the floor, room to room. They got upset with me for still being in the hotel - and it was obvious to me that they were searching for more than just people who ignored the fire alarm. I went out the fire escape and ended up out in the back of the hotel at the top of a long narrow staircase. By the time I made it to the front of the hotel we were allowed back in and told it was a false alarm. I also had a few words late one night with one of Farrakhan's bodyguards - he wasn't very nice or talkative.
4. This was the year of chocolate. After traveling to Europe in 1997 and indulging in the chocolate wonders there (mainly Switzerland) I had a goal to try as many different chocolates that year that I could. A few of my friends joined me on this quest and it was lovely. It's ironic how now with RSD, chocolate is one of the worst things I could eat - too many stimulants.

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003)
1. January wasn't off to a great start. I got injured working at the airport on January 23, 2003. This was after a marathon work schedule for everyone who was trained to do both types of screening with the TSA (checkpoint and baggage). I was stationed on the tarmac screening checked luggage for bombs. We were all overworked and overtired. The CTX machines we used would shoot the suitcases out sometimes at an estimated 25mph. I was clearing bags off the back of the machine when a coworker noticed the machine was shut down. He started it back up, not noticing I was there, and shot a suitcase out. It happened to be a hard-coated puffickly huh-yooge suitcase going to Japan so it was packed to the hilt. My hand was crushed and the force of the blow sprained every joint in my right arm and 2 vertebrae in my neck. This was the injury that led to shoulder surgery and eventually to the RSD.
2. The best thing that happened that year was on June 29th. Dave and I got married! I wasn't able to take the time off immediately following the wedding so we could honeymoon (I hated working for the TSA) and I was still on pretty much permanent light-duty because the injury wasn't healing. We went on our honeymoon a couple of weeks after our wedding.
3. Our honeymoon deserves a line on its own. We went to Florida where we stayed a few days in Orlando. We went mainly to Universal Studios and to Disneyworld. We had a great time riding the rides. We also went on the usual tours. After a few days we hopped on a cruise to Nassau and swam with stingrays. It was great! We stayed our last night indulging at the Hard Rock Hotel - lovely room, too high priced.
4. After nearly a year of working light duty my arm just seemed to be getting worse and I hadn't been able to fully move my neck since the accident. My coworkers were tired of working with a light-duty person so they did terrible things - like leave me alone to screen several flights' worth of suitcases that needed to get done or people wouldn't travel. I, being too responsible, did my best to do it on my own but it was difficult because I had to drag the bags and manipulate them in different ways since I couldn't lift them. My doctor decided at that point to pull me off work pending the shoulder surgery, which was in March '04. I haven't been back since and I'm still looking for something I can do that won't aggravate my arm.

4 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Our friends, Niel & Corinne, are vacationing at Lake Tahoe. Corinne asked me to care for her cats. One of them is just a kitten and is ill with some sort of infection in his eyes and nose. He needs 3 kinds of medicine, one of which is required 3x/day. I handled it the first time on Friday, but realized I needed help. I brought Dave along with me yesterday and it took the 2 of us about 2 hours to coax him out of the box-spring in their bed. I had to use a toy to lure him to stick his leg out and then I grabbed his leg and pulled him out while Dave lifted the bed high enough to get him out. Unfortunately, he hasn't been getting his eye drops the 3x/day but he got the important stuff. I'm so glad N&C are coming home today! I'm feeling ill and am not up for another challenge of getting the cat out from inside the bed.
2. A good friend of ours is in town to visit. Martin moved back to England a little over 3 years ago and we haven't seen him or his family since. His wife and I are very good friends and I've missed them dearly. It's a shame his wife and daughter couldn't come this time, Martin is here on business and they couldn't take their daughter out of school. It was wonderful to see him. A large group of friends turned up at the Chicken Coop to visit and we got to see a lot of people we don't see nearly enough.
3. Dave and I went to A&W for a burger and a root-beer-float. That's my latest craving, root-beer-floats. Yummy!!! Dave had never been to A&W before so this was a first for him. I wished this particular one was like the drive-in style ones, like the one I remember in Salt Lake. The one we ate at is fairly new and is combined with a KFC. I can't eat KFC anymore because it makes me cry - KFC was Buggy's favorite food.
4. Dave and I went to TJ Maxx and to Target. We got a gift for a friend, a birthday card, and a posh water bowl for Tempest.

4 Shows I Love To Watch (in no particular order)
1. My Name is Earl
2. The Office
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Two and a Half Men
-They all make me laugh.

4 Things That Make Me Really Happy
1. My husband. He's very sweet and takes good care of me.
2. Tempest. He makes me smile and laugh a lot.
3. Animals and nature. I love watching birds in our yard and watching the plants go through seasonal changes.
4. Sunny days with a light breeze.

Now I need to tag 4 people. I chose Sheri, Em, Barb, and Karen. I chose them because I thought they might enjoy this the most. I hope they participate but want to let them know there is no pressure to do so.

Thanks again, Jocasta. :)


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This is fun Lizzy! Thanks! I'll probably do it tomorrow. :)

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Ok, I'll try this, but where do I post my answers? Do I send you an e-mail? snd me a private e-mail, so I know!

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Hey Lizzy! Thank you so much for tagging me. I had fun doing it and even more fun reading answers. How are you doing?