Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Spa Day!!

I know it's Mothers' Day, but this is a day that has caused me a lot of sadness over the years. I know I'm not alone in my feelings, while this is a much-deserved day for our mothers, it is nevertheless a day of pain for so many others. I think of those struggling with infertility, and of those who never had the chance to test their fertility, and of course I think of those who were quite fortunate to conceive, only to suffer a great loss at some point later on. There are many childless mothers in the world, and they are also very nurturing and loving women. Today, I think of them.

I like the idea of today being a "spa day" or a spa week. It's actually one of the worst weekends to go to a spa. However, Corinne, Stephanie, and I are going to a nail salon on Tuesday to celebrate this new tradition. Yay!

The workers' compensation appeal was Friday and it went as well as can be expected. The woman running the hearing was a bit nasty to me, mainly in the beginning, but I think she probably deals with a lot of deadbeats. She soon realized that I had my wits about me and I posed my arguments to their decision and before I knew it we were done and the day could move on without any more stress. Speaking of stress, it's amazing to me how much my body has been affected by the stress. I still have palpitations, but not nearly to the same level as pre-hearing. The headaches are still coming, but they aren't nearly as painful, and the contractions have pretty much ceased. I hate that I was so stressed out and feel terrible to be this stressed during pregnancy. With RSD I stand much more of a chance of passing on anxiety disorder to the babies, so it's imperative that I keep the stress down. Now that the hearing is overdonewithgone, that's what I intend to do. Dave deserves a mention in this. He took the whole day off to be there for me, he also spent many hours and suffered a lack of sleep reviewing my case file and finding important information for me, saving me from the stress of having to do it myself. I don't think I would have found as good of information as he found, either. It was so sweet of him.

So yes, I said contractions earlier. I have been getting some contractions for a couple of weeks now. I didn't know what they were at first, but other twin mommies and twin-mommies-to-be helped me to learn that what I have been experiencing are indeed contractions. They are very funny feeling to me. They sort of feel like a big tickle. My belly gets super tight and hard. They don't last very long and they don't really hurt, although I sometimes feel crampy afterward.

I have quite a bit of pain on my left side as of late and I don't know if it's round ligament pain or if the cysts are being squished and causing the pain. It's a sharp pain and is most prevalent when I and standing up and walking. Also, lying on my left side is getting more difficult as it's putting a lot of pressure on my hip. Any advice would be appreciated. I have a doctor appointment on Friday (and another ultrasound - woohoo!) so I'll mention this at that point.

Thanks, as always, for reading. :)

Here are the latest belly photos. There wasn't much action from weeks 14 to 17 and then all of a sudden I think there was another growth spurt. At 18 weeks, there is no mistaking that I'm pregnant now.

Here is the belly from my perspective sitting in the living room chair:


Jocasta said...

You look fab!

Barb said...

Nope. No denying it at all. :)

Baby Step said...

Are those braxton-hicks contractions? Not that I know anything, but sounds like what my friends told me about...cute belly shots!

Lissa said...

Yay belly pics!! I'm so excited to see your tummy! You have no idea! :D

karenf said...

Cute belly shots! Ah yes the pain on the left side, know it well. It's from the pressure of laying on your left side while sleeping which you are supposed to do by all means. But unfortunately, it really hurts and it doesn't stop hurting, and there is nothing you can really do. Maybe stretching, acupunture or chiropractic therapy could help relieve the pain temporarily, but as long as you are meant to lay on the left side, the pain will be there. And the bad news is it stays with you for the first 4 to 5 months after the babies are born. It's just a fact, I don't mean to scare you.. Ahh, there is so much to come! Wait until you have cankles! ;oP

Brittney said...

:] baby bump

<3 britt

screamish said...

cankles? what are cankles? (last comment!)

Yeah I am expecting twins and the last three weeks Ive loaded on the weight (getting big!) and also started having contractions. Theyre quite harmless in moderation...but definitely shouldnt be ignored if its all day you're getting them.

I told a friend I was having them and she was shocked, but I believe twin mums get them a bit earlier.

When Im stressed they're worse, so the best you can do is RELAX!!!! Altho it sounds like it might be hard for you at the moment....