Monday, May 19, 2008

Doctors, symptoms, other stuff

A lot has happened since Thursday. My mom came up Friday for the ultrasound. She thought the sight of me wearing those electrodes was too funny. She and Dave took pictures. I'll add them to this post as soon as I upload the photos.

The ultrasound went very well. The babies are still measuring on target. They are about 10 ounces each. They were squirmy, as usual. I mentioned the contractions and they told me that they have me on a list to take another class (Kaiser is all about the classes). The upcoming class will be in a few weeks and it's about premature labor. Basically, I do need to watch the contractions but there isn't much they can do about them until week 24 (mid-June). My doctor was right, too. I'm getting a lot of them.

After the ultrasound my mom and I went to Valley Fair to get out of the heat and do some shopping. My mom was so cute. Every time we bought something she told the salesperson, "this is my daughter who is pregnant with my twin grandbabies!" We walked around a lot, probably over 5 miles worth. I was fine with it, but my thighs weren't. I mentioned how they've really increased in size. I used to wear medium maternity pants, but I outgrew those because of my thighs. The large pants are already tight on my thighs, but they fit well on my belly. I hope I don't outgrow those too soon! I was wearing a skirt that day, and the heat combined with big thighs and the gel I couldn't quite wipe all away from the ultrasound resulted in serious chaffing. I have never chaffed so badly! We're talking about 3 inches long by 2 inches wide on the top of each thigh. It even bled in some spots and both areas are brown/red and very painful. Dave wouldn't let me post a photo like I was tempted, but in retrospect he was right. Nobody wants to see that. A friend of mine (I don't know if you want me to say your name) told me she wore her husband's boxer shorts in the latter part of her pregnancies. Dave's boxers are too big for me so I bought a few pairs and she is right - boxer shorts make the best maternity undies!!

On Saturday Daniel (my mom's husband) invited us down for a dinner to celebrate his birthday. His daughter's family was there as were some other friends. We had a great time and the food was fantastic! Jack Wasserbach, our friend and wedding photographer, was there with his wife, Chris. Jack wants to do some pregnancy photos when I get bigger. That will be fun!

Dave and I did pretty much bugger-all yesterday. We ran a few errands, napped, ran some more errands, then went out for a curry. The babies either really love curry or hate it, but either way it makes them move so I get a kick out of it, literally.

I had a follow-up appointment with a cardiologist this morning. He said my description of the palpitations is the best he's ever heard. He thinks it's because I'm a technical writer. I think he may be right, but mostly it's probably because I've paid careful attention to it because I wanted an accurate diagnosis. My internist told me last year when it was bugging me that it was simple anxiety. I like this cardiologist. He said, "your not inventing compensatory beats. It's anxiety-provoking, but it is not caused by anxiety." That's what he said they were, "compensatory beats" that I'm feeling. Essentially, I think it's synonymous with PVC. Two of my friends and my mom all told me they thought it was PVC or premature heart beats. Thank you Nav, Indrani, and Doctor Mom. ;) What is happening is that I'm getting in some extra heartbeats. The extra beat happens too quickly after a normal beat so it's very faint because the heart didn't completely fill up. It pushes out a small amount of blood then it takes a little extra time to fill for the next beat, which contains a bit extra blood (for instance, a regular beat pumps 70% of the heart's volume, the extra beat pumps about 50% and the compensatory beat after the extra beat pumps 120%). The headache is from first the depletion from the extra beat and extra space after that beat combined with the rush of blood from the compensatory beat. He's concerned that in pregnancy it will make me faint, so I may have to take medication for it. Otherwise, it's a benign condition that is usually nothing to worry about. He is having me get an echo-cardiogram tomorrow just to be sure that there is nothing wrong with my heart causing this issue. Thanks for the advice, Indrani, about the exercise. I think you're right that increasing my heart rate might help. You're also welcome to come use the pool, too! You're local and we still have yet to meet! We need to remedy that. :)


screamish said...

Hi§ I found you on a link from The Vicarious Pregnancy...I'm 20 weeks waiting for twins too..!

Yeah there are so many little probs with twin pregnancies I think. I keep mentioning them to people who no doubt think that I'm complaining lots, but hey remember when we werent pregnant, you wouold mention if your stomach hurt wouldnt you? Now its kind of fulltime!

You sound like you're getting really good follow up wherever you are.

It sounds hot, are you handling the heat? At least we can wear lots of flowing stuff this summer.

Barb said...

I'm glad it's benign!!!!

Chafing.. ugh. I've had that happen in the awful heat down here sometimes. NOT fun. Bless you for being such a trooper.