Monday, April 14, 2008

Wearing maternity clothes!

I'm at that in-between stage where my regular clothes are too tight but a lot of the maternity clothes I've been given are too big. Fortunately, I have enough maternity clothing that fits right now so I don't have to Bella Band it. I've cleaned out my closet so that it houses only clothes that either fit, or will fit in the coming weeks.

Dave and I went to the dry cleaner on Saturday and the woman there said, "oh you're showing!" Don't worry, she wasn't being rude, she already knew I'm pregnant. I told her a couple of weeks ago. It seems that just over the last week or so I really started to show and look pregnant. The beer gut has rounded out. I can't imagine how big I'll get by the end of this, but I'm wondering if I'll have a 3rd stage of maternity wear (1st stage is the smaller stuff I was given, 2nd stage is the larger stuff, 3rd stage is when I have to go buy mu-mus or tents).

I'm so excited about having a pregnant belly. Dave's probably sick of me saying, "Look! Look at my belly!"

The big ultrasound is on Friday. They may be able to tell the gender at this time! The biggest reason for the ultrasound this early is to make sure Twin-B is still hanging in there and that the sac size issue is better.

Unfortunately, the woman who scheduled the ultrasound scheduled my official Level-II ultrasound, saying I could only have the one ultrasound. Well, she's wrong. The original Level-II was perfectly timed for 18 weeks. I know that 15 weeks (which is what I'll be on Friday) is too early to look for some of the things they look for in a Level-II ultrasound. The original one was only scheduled for a singleton, though, even though Dr. E. (the IVF doctor) called that department and told them to change it. Grrr.

Anyway, so I was told to choose one or the other, and that I was only getting one (like I said, that woman doesn't know what she's talking about). I chose the one on the 18th because that's what my doctor wanted, that's what we wanted, was a good ultrasound right after 14 weeks to check Twin-B and to rule out TTTS 100%. My doctor said she wants a good ultrasound done every 4 weeks so I'm sure she'll order another one of these for week 19. I will make sure to politely remind her of this as often as necessary.

Dave and I are going through names in a name book given to us by Karen, the same Karen who generously gave me her maternity clothes. This book has some good names and some not so good names, but they are laughable. We circle the good ones and laugh at the rest (for example: Brunhilda, Adolph, Amos, and Arelia - the latter two reminding us of "anus" and "areola").

Here are some photos from Saturday (14 weeks 1 day pregnant). I'm wearing maternity clothes given to me from Dede, another sweet friend.

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