Monday, April 28, 2008

Texas was great!

Just a quick post about our trip to Texas. We didn't do much but hang out with the friends we have known virtually for a few years. We've been talking to them and gaming with them, but haven't really had the opportunity to spend real time with them until now. I'm so glad we went! We had an excellent time and really enjoyed being around all of them. They also all pitched in and gave us a generous gift toward our babies (Visa that we'll probably spend on a crib or car seats). It was so sweet! I seriously lost my breath when I opened the gift, I was so moved! Dh is also likewise moved by their generosity.

Our hosts were fantastic and they put up 9 guests in their house with ease (food, drink, and board)! All the guests were so courteous and it was easy sharing a bathroom with everyone, there never seemed to be much of a wait if there was a wait at all. Everyone pretty much cleaned up after themselves and respected each others' space. I felt so laid back around them and very comfortable. There were no pretenses and I felt I could really be myself and not have to work at pleasing anyone, they just liked and accepted each other for who they were.

Why can't it be that way with everyone?


Barb said...

So fun!! We find that with our friends who are really OUR friends. You know.. the ones we chose as adults and who aren't friends through association or anything like that. It's lovely.

Baby Step said...

Sounds like a great time!